Snow continues today across PEI..

Tuesday, December 18th  7:00am.. A low pressure system located Near Sydney , NS this morning will drift slowly eastward today. Brisk-strong NW winds will develop giving extensive blowing and drifting snow as tempos will fall allowing the snow to become dryer/lighter. These winds will diminish on Wednesday as the storm system moves further away and high pressure builds in from the west. This feature will pass well south of NS during the Wednesday-Friday time frame giving sunny but cool conditions. Skies will cloud over early Friday as the next weatehr system approaches. This system will track NE along the St Lawrence River Valley on Saturday. This track will put the Maritimes on the warm side thus a rain and mid event is in store for the weekend. Cooler air returns on Monday and any left over showers will change to flurries. Looks like cloud and onshore flurries for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Precipitation.. Snow today tapering to flurries after supper giving another 10 cms.  Lesser amounts up west being further from the storm center. Flurries continue into early tomorrow but conditions will be improving quickly. Dry for the remainder of Wednesday and Thursday. Rain develops suppertime Friday tapering to showers Saturday afternoon which continue into Sunday. Flurries or periods of snow on Monday. Flurries on Tuesday..

Temperatures.. Normal today but will tend to fall later this afternoon then remaining cool tomorrow. Warm-up back to normal on Thursday followed by above normal for Friday-Weekend-Monday. Slightly below normal beginning Tuesday.

Wind.. brisk north winds now will increase to brisk-strong NW later today. Diminishing NW winds tomorrow , light westerlies on Thursday followed by increasing SE winds on Friday.

Christmas Holidays.. Light snow on Christmas Eve giving 2-3 cms followed by some cloud and flurries for Christmas Day. Don’t see any significant snows. Light-brisk winds with temps a few degrees either side of normal. So looking good for travel.

Hazards.. Accumulating snow today. Increasing winds will result in some blowing and drifting snow developing this afternoon as temps drop and the snow texture becomes light and dry. Reduced visibility in this blowing snow.

Watches/warnings.. Winter storm warning still in place across all of PEI..


  • Today.. Snow, increasing NW-N winds giving blowing/drifting snow, temps steady near -1 for a few hours then slowly falling -3 by suppertime.
  • Tonight.. Flurries, brisk NW winds giving blowing/drifting snow, lows -6 by dawn
  • Tomorrow.. Morning cloud and flurries especially down east.. Clearing, diminishing NW winds, temps steady near -6.
  • Thursday.. Sunny, light west winds, highs -2
  • Friday.. Cloudy with rain developing towards suppertime, increasing SE winds, highs +3
  • Saturday.. Rain tapering to showers, brisk south winds, highs +11
  • Sunday.. Cloudy with showers, light-brisk west winds, highs +5
  • Christmas Eve.. Flurries or periods of snow, light north winds, highs 0
  • Christmas Day.. Sun and cloud, few flurries, light north winds, highs -3




Snow today/tonight/tomorrow expected across PEI.

Monday, December 17th 6:50am.. An intensifying low pressure system is located near Cape Cod now and is moving NE to be located just off the coast of NS near Halifax this evening. The storm then slowly moves northward across Cape Breton by dawn tomorrow then NE across the avalon Penn of Newfoundland Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. This storm will bring 24-36 hours of snowfall across the Maritimes along with gusty NE winds and higher than normal water levels along the north facing shorelines of PEI and eastern NS in the Northumberland Strait. High pressure then passes well south of the region during the Wednesday-Friday time frame with mostly dry weather. Clouds will then spread across the island during Friday as a large area of low pressure moves NE out of the lower Great Lakes and tracks along the St Lawrence River Valley on Saturday into Sunday Morning. This system will bring push some mild air northward across the Martimes resulting in a rain event for the weekend. Cooler air returns on Monday allowing whats left of the rain to change over to snow.

Precipitation.. Snow begins near noon today ending Tomorrow evening. There could be some rain mixed in especially down east. Snowfall amounts will also be highest for eastern half of the island from Charlottetown east with 15-20 cms expected. The snow will be wet and heavy which should hinder the blowing snow a bit. Flurries for Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Rain begins Friday evening ending Saturday afternoon. Showers on Sunday. Periods of snow on Monday.

Temperatures.. Slightly above normal today and tomorrow. Slightly below normal for Wednesday and Thursday. Significant warm-up on Friday-weekend.

Wind.. Brisk SE winds today increasing to brisk-strong Northerly tomorrow then diminishing NW winds on Wednesday.

Hazards.. Winter storm and all the associated hazards.. Accumulating wet snow, brisk-strong East winds backing to NW. Possible power issues. Blowing/drifting snow giving visibility issues. Higher than normal water levels along the north facing shorelines but I think tides are running low right now which should help.

Watches/warnings… Blowing snow advisory in effect for all of PEI…


  • Today.. Snow beginning near noon at times mixed with rain, brisk SE winds giving blowing/drifting snow, highs +1
  • Tonight.. Snow, brisk NE winds giving blowing/drifting snow, lows +1
  • Tomorrow.. Snow tapers to flurries by evening, brisk-strong NW winds giving blowing/drifting snow, highs early morning +1 morning then falling to -5 by suppertime. Blowing and drifting snow will be more extensive once temps fall later in the afternoon.
  • Wednesday.. Morning flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Thursday.. Sunny, light west winds, highs -4
  • Friday.. Sunny morning, increasing clouds, rain towards suppertime, light-brisk SE winds, highs +1
  • Saturday.. Rain, brisk-strong SE winds, highs +9
  • Sunday.. Showers, SW winds, highs +4
  • Monday.. Flurries, NW winds, highs 0


Sunny mild Sunday expected across PEI. Snow tomorrow !!

Sunday, December 16th 9:15am.. An area of high pressure centered over Maine is drifting eastward and will crest over the island early this afternoon. Sunshine and very light winds are expected with this feature. Clouds will be on the increase later tonight as our next weather system, which is beginning to organize now off the US mid Atlantic coast approaches. This system is expected to intensify and track NE to a position just SE of Halifax by tomorrow evening then continue northward into Cape Breton Monday night into Tuesday morning. This track should keep most of PEI on the colder side resulting in a snow event. Some rain may get mixed in across Kings county. The storm system then turns eastward tracking along the south shore of Newfoundland away from the Maritmes. High pressure passes well south of the region on Wednesday and Thursday with chilly sunshine expected. A large area of low pressure racks northward through the Great Lakes on Friday and Saturday which means a warm-up for the Maritimes with rain expected Friday night into Saturday.

Precipitation.. Snow should begin about noon tomorrow ending late Tuesday night. The heaviest snow totals now look to be across central PEI where 20-25 cms. Lesser  amounts as you go west with 15-20 cms expected across western PEI being further form storm. Eastern PEI may see some of the snow come down as rain but should still see 20 cms of snow. This snow will be heavy and wet and we know what that can do to trees and power lines. Flurries into the first part Wednesday but they should be tapering off. Dry on Thursday. Rain begins Suppertime Friday ending Saturday afternoon.

Temperatures.. Normal today through Tuesday. Slightly below normal for Wednesday and Thursday. Warm-up on Friday becoming well above normal on Saturday. Stays mild on Sunday.

Wind.. Light north winds will drop off to Calm today. Light east winds develop near midnight tonight increasing to light-brisk SE tomorrow then shifting to NE tomorrow evening then increasing to brisk northerly on Tuesday. Light-brisk NW winds on Wednesday diminishing to light westerly on Thursday. SE winds develop on Friday.

Hazards.. Accumulating snow beginning noon tomorrow and continues through Tuesday night giving 15-25 cms. The winds will be brisk but don’t anticipate too much blowing snow as the snow will be heavy and wet. I don’t think visibility will be an issue. Bigger concern will be the heavy wet snow on trees and power lines.

Watches/warnings.. Special weather statement remains in effect for significant snow.


  • Today.. Sunny, very light winds, highs 0
  • Tonight.. Increasing clouds after midnight, light east winds developing, lows -2
  • Tomorrow.. Overcast, snow beginning near noon, could be mixed with rain down east, light-brisk SE winds, highs +1
  • Tuesday.. Snow, brisk NW-N winds, highs 0
  • Wednesday.. Morning flurries, becoming sunny, brisk NW winds, highs -5
  • Thursday.. Sunny, light west winds, highs -4
  • Friday.. Overcast, rain developing, SE winds developing, highs +2
  • Saturday.. Rain, highs +10
  • Sunday.. Showers, highs +4

Some sunshine expected later today across PEI..

Saturday, December 15th 9:15am… A frontal system is currently giving cloud and light rain across the island this morning. This feature will move off to the east today allowing skies to begin to clear this afternoon. High pressure will build in later tonight cresting over the island tomorrow giving us a very nice Sunday. Great chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine mild temps and very light winds. Your Welcome !!… Things then start to get interesting…. An area of low pressure will develop off the mid Atlantic coast vicinity NJ and begin to track NE towards the Maritimes. This system is expected to stay off the coast and move to a position just south of Halifax by Monday evening then move northward crossing Cape Breton overnight into early Tuesday morning. How does this effect PEI you ask. This looks like a significant snow event for western PEI beginning Monday afternoon with a rain changing to snow for central and eastern PEI. The storm pulls away towards Newfoundland on Tuesday but cool onshore north winds will maintain cloud and snow across the island. High pressure dominates the region for Wednesday and Thursday with sunshine. Skies cloud up Thursday night as the next system approaches with rain developing by noon Friday..

Precipitation.. Rain (showers) should end by noon today then dry through Monday morning. Snow begins Monday afternoon (could be rain Charlottetown and points east) then transition over to snow through the late afternoon/evening hours. Snow continues Monday night and all day Tuesday giving 15-25 cms. Up west will see those higher accumulations while down east will be lower as some of that will fall as rain. Dry for Wednesday and Thursday. Looks like rain for Friday.

Temperatures.. Above normal today for a few more hours but that will be slowly falling this afternoon. Normal for the remainder of the period although Wednesday looks a little cooler.

Wind.. Light NW winds today and tomorrow. East winds on Monday, Brisk north winds on Tuesday and NW on Wednesday.

Hazards.. Wet roads today with ran and snow melt. Accumulating snow beginning on Monday late afternoon.

Watches/warnings.. Special weather statement in effect for all of PEI for potential significant snow on Monday/Tuesday.


  • Today.. Cloud and rain ending by noon then clearing, light NW winds, highs +3 now but cooling down through  the afternoon.
  • Tonight.. Few clouds, fog patches, calm winds, lows -4
  • Tomorrow.. Sunny, very light NW winds, highs 0
  • Monday.. Cloudy snow (rain) beginning mid afternoon changing to snow, brisk east winds, highs 0
  • Tuesday.. Snow, brisk north winds, highs 0
  • Wednesday.. Sun and cloud, few flurries down east, light-brisk NW winds, highs -5
  • Thursday.. Sunny, calm winds, highs 0
  • Friday.. Rain developing, +9
  • Saturday.. Showers, +8



Rain/snow beginning tonight along with milder temps expected for PEI..

Friday, December 14th 6:00am.. An area of high pressure centered just south of NS this morning is drifting eastward today. This feature will give sunshine to the island this morning along with moderating temperatures as winds shift to the SW. Clouds will begin to spread across the region later today as a cold front approaches with precipitation beginning late this evening. Temperatures will be very close to the freezing mark when the precip starts so could begin as rain and/or snow. The temps will be rising overnight so expecting any snow to change over to rain before morning then end towards noon as the front moves east. High pressure then builds back in from the west cresting over the island Sunday afternoon. Things then get interesting…. A low pressure system will develop well SE of Cape Cod Sunday afternoon. This system will intensify and move northward towards the east coast if NS by Monday evening then cont8nue across NS and PEI into the southern Gulf by Tuesday morning. Once again, temperatures will be very close to the freezing mark and very difficult to determine if this will be a snow or rain event or a combination of both. We do know that cooler temperatures will be filtering in later Tuesday which will change the precip over to snow before tapering to flurries overnight Tuesday. High pressure then builds in for Wednesday and Thursday. Another weather system on Friday promises more mixed precip.

Precipitation.. Rain and or snow begins near midnight tonight changing to rain before dawn tomorrow then ending mid morning. Rain and/or snow begins near noon on Monday changing to snow by noon Tuesday tapering to flurries by Tuesday night. Flurries then continue into Wednesday. Unable to give snowfall amounts at this time but looks like accumulating snow Tuesday. Another round of rain/snow on Friday.

Temperatures.. At or slightly above normal beginning today. One day cool down on Wednesday then back to normal.

Wind.. Light SW winds today increasing to brisk tonight then shifting to NW near noon tomorrow with the passage of the cold front. Winds then diminish to calm by Sunday afternoon as the area of high pressure crests over the island. SE winds developing late Sunday night increasing to brisk easterly on MOnday as the ocean system approaches.

Hazards.. Rain/snow begins tonight.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Sunny, light SW winds, highs +1 by suppertime.
  • Tonight..  Cloudy, light snow/rain beginning near midnight changing to rain overnight. brisk SW winds, temps rising to +3 by dawn.
  • Tomorrow.. Rain ending mid morning then clearing, brisk SW winds shifting to NW near noon, temps rising to +5 before noon then falling slowly with the NW wind shift.
  • Sunday.. Sunny, diminishing NW winds becoming calm by noon, highs +1
  • Monday.. Cloudy rain/snow beginning in the afternoon changing to rain late, brisk east winds, highs +1
  • Tuesday.. Rain early changing to accumulating snow in the afternoon, brisk-strong north winds, highs +2
  • Wednesday.. Onshore cloud and flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -4
  • Thursday.. Sunny early, rain/snow late, Southwest winds, highs -2

Flurries ending this morning across PEI..

Thursday, December 13th 7:15am.. A ridge of high pressure is currently located over Maine this morning and is drifting eastward cresting over the island this evening. The cloud and flurries will come to an end this morning as this feature approaches. Clouds will return tomorrow evening as a cold front approaches with rain developing after midnight. High pressure will return later Saturday with clearing skies. Clouds return once again on Sunday as a low pressure system approaches from the US Mid Atlantic coast. Precip is expected to begin as snow near noon on Monday. Still working out the details on this system but looks like some mild air will get wrapped around this system which should change the snow over to rain by Monday evening. Fingers crossed. Back to snow on Tuesday/Wednesday as the system moves east and colder air floods in. Sunshine returns on Thursday as highs pressure approaches.

Precipitation.. Flurries ending this morning. Rain develops near midnight tomorrow night ending near noon on Saturday. Snow begins near noon on Monday changing to rain by suppertime then back to snow near noon on Tuesday. Snow tapers to flurries by noon Wednesday. Flurries then continue Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures.. Stays cold today, warm-up begins tomorrow peaking near noon on Saturday then falling back to normal for Saturday through Wednesday. Colder for Thursday.

Wind.. Diminishing NW winds today shifting to SW for tomorrow and Saturday. North winds on Sunday becoming easterly on Monday.

Hazards..  Lefty over flurries this morning especially eastern half of the island. The blowing/drifting snow will also taper off as winds diminish today. Road conditions will be worse down east  where more snow has fallen and drifting/blowing is still occurring.

Watches/warnings.. The snow Squall advisory has ended.


  • Today.. Sunny up west, few clouds and flurries down east, diminishing NW winds giving drifting snow, highs -5
  • Tonight.. Clear, calm winds, lows-10
  • Tomorrow.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with rain developing towards midnight, light-brisk SW winds, highs +2 by evening
  • Saturday.. Rain ending near noon then clearing, light NW winds, highs +5
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light winds, highs +1
  • Monday.. Snow developing near noon changing to rain by evening, Light-brisk east winds, highs +1
  • Tuesday.. Rain changing back to snow, NW winds, highs +1
  • Wednesday.. Snow tapers to flurries, NW winds, highs -1
  • Thursday.. Flurries, NW winds, highs -4


Flurries, at times heavy beginning near noon today across PEI..

Wednesday, December 12th 5:45am…  An intensifying area of low pressure located south of Newfoundland and a ridge of high pressure approaching from the west will result in a cold NW-N wind developing across the island today. These cold winds blowing over the still opens waters of the Gulf will generate cloud and flurries across the eastern half of the island (east of Cornwall) today. Theses flurries will be heavy at times giving local accumulating snow along with low visibility in blowing and drifting snow. The approaching ridge of high pressure will crest over the island later tomorrow into Friday. This will cause the winds to shift direction becoming westerly then southerly this ending the onshore snow squall activity. Clouds will be on the increase late Friday as a frontal system approaches from the west. The various computer models still differ significantly on this weekend ‘s weather but it does appear that we will be in a warmer pattern which would see a rain or mix of rain/snow for the next few weather systems beginning this weekend.

Precipitation.. Flurries at time heavy beginning near noon today locally 5-10 cms. This activity tapers off as you head west with places west of Summerside seeing mostly sunshine and no snow. Flurries ending later tomorrow as winds become more westerly. Dry for later tomorrow through Friday evening. Rain begins late Friday night ending noon Saturday. Dry on Sunday. Rain and/or snow begins Monday suppertime.

Temperatures.. A couple more days of cold below normal temps followed by a moderating trend on Friday back to normal then at or above normal beginning Friday night through most of next week.

Wind.. Light westerly winds now shifting and increasing to brisk NW-N winds near noon today then backing to NW tomorrow afternoon then SW-W on Friday. Brisk SW-W winds continue Saturday shifting back to the NW-N Saturday night.

Hazards.. Locally rapidly accumulating snow in flurrie or snow squalls beginning near noon today ending tomorrow. The snow will be cold light and dry thus blowing/drifting snow will also be an issue especially in rural areas.This activity will be confined to the eastern 2/3’s of the island.

Warnings.. Snow Squall watch in effect for Central and eastern PEI. (Queens and Kings counties).


  • Today.. Few clouds this morning becoming cloudy with flurries at times heavy developing near noon (staying sunny up west), brisk NW-N winds developing giving blowing/drifting snow, highs -3
  • Tonight.. Flurrie activity continues for Queens/Kings, brisk NW-N winds giving local blowing/drifting snow, lows -6
  • Tomorrow.. Flurrie activity ending then mostly sunny, brisk W-NW winds, highs -5
  • Friday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with rain towards midnight, brisk SW-W winds,  highs +1 by suppertime.
  • Saturday.. Rain ending then clearing, brisk NW winds, highs +6
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs +1
  • Monday.. Cloudy, snow developing late, highs +1
  • Tuesday.. Rain/snow, +1