Some sunshine expected today across PEI..

Wednesday February 10th 6:45am..High pressure slides up the coast today giving some sunshine then a series of weak low pressure systems will effect the Maritimes tonight through Friday afternoon giving mainly cloudy skies and flurries. High pressure will briefly build in for Friday night allowing for some clearing then yet another low pressure system will develop over the Great Lakes and move eastward passing south of the region Friday night then merge with an intensifying system off the mid Atlantic coast for the weekend. Still a bit early to go into details but looks like this system will stay just far enough away to keep the heaviest snowfall over NS and Newfoundland. A trough of low pressure should extend westward form this departing system in Sunday giving cloud and sow to the island. High pressure builds in fro Monday then all interests shit to the east coast again as yet another noreaster could develop.

Precipitation.. Few left over flurries this morning. Few flurries again tonight through Friday morning. Dry for Friday night into Saturday morning then flurries or light snow for later Saturday into Sunday. Dry for MOnday then the big question mark for Tuesday. Snow amounts of maybe 5 cms on Thursday and another 5 cms on Sunday.

Temperatures.. At or slightly above normal today and tomorrow. Turning cold on Friday through Monday.

Wind... Light-brisk Westerlies today, very light westerlies tomorrow, light-brisk westerlies again on Friday, winds turning easterly for Saturday, northerly for later Sunday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards.. Some light drifting snow across north-south oriented roads.


Today.. Becoming sunny, light-brisk west winds, highs -2

Tonight.. Cloudy with a few flurries, light west winds, lows -10

Tomorrow.. Cloudy with light snow (5 cms), very light west winds, highs -2

Friday.. Becoming sunny, light-brisk west winds, temps falling to -14 on the afternoon.

Saturday…Sunny becoming cloudy with flurries late, highs -8

Sunday.. Light snow (5 CMS), -7

Monday.. Sunny, -12

Tuesday.. snow or rain developing, 0

Wednesday.. Rain, +5



Snow expected later today across PEI..

Monday February 8th 6:50am.. Good morning.. An intensifying storm system located just east of Cape Hattaras this morning will track NE passing east of NS overnight tonight then off to Newfoundland tomorrow evening. Meanwhile a 2nd storm system will be organizing of the mid Atlantic coast and will take the same track as the first but wont be as strong. This 2nd system will actually linger over the region through Wednesday/Thursday an upper air disturbance supporting it shifts east. This will bring some of the coldest air to the Maritimes so far this winter. With the cold air over open waters of the Gulf and Strait, Flurries can be expected.

Precipitation..  few light flurries around this morning but the main area of snow should spread into the island late this afternoon and taper to flurries tomorrow morning. Snowfall amounts in the 10-15 cms range for west prince, 15-20cms for Charlottetown area, and 25 cms over eastern Kings county. The 2nd system is only expected to bring slight amounts. Flurries expected for the remainder of the period.

Temperatures.. Slightly above normal through Thursday then a big cool down for Friday through Monday as the coldest air of the winter surges south on the weekend.

Wind..Increasing NE winds today peaking tonight with gusts to 60 KMH.  Diminishing northerlies on Tuesday, Light-brisk W/NW winds then expected right into the weekend.

Watches/warnings.. Blowing snow advisory in effect for this evening and tonight as the winds pick up.

Hazards.. White-out conditions expected this evening and overnight in snow/blowing snow.


Today.. Cloudy with snow developing late this afternoon, light-brisk NE winds, highs -5

Tonight.. Snow and blowing snow, brisk-strong NE winds, temps steady near -3

Tomorrow..  Snow tapers to flurries, light-brisk N/NW winds, highs -2

Wednesday.. Flurries, light-brisk W/NW winds, highs 0

Thursday.. Flurries, light-brisk W/NW winds, highs -4

Friday.. Flurries, light-brisk W/NW winds, highs -15

Saturday… Flurries, light-brisk W/NW winds, highs -9

Sunday.. Flurries, light-brisk W/NW winds, highs -17



Turning colder today across PEI..

Sunday February 7th 9:30am.. A weak low pressure system located near Gaspe Bay this morning continues to track eastward. This system has a cold front extending to the SSW which will sweep across the island this afternoon. Temperatures are mild today ahead of the front but will drop sharply behind it. Weak cold high pressure builds in this evening then the fun begins.. There will a low pressure system develop near Cape Hattaras tonight then intensify as it tracks NE passing east of NS late Monday night. At this time, it looks like NS will take the brunt of the snowfall but any slight westward shift in track will bring this heavier snowfall into eastern PEI. There will be a 2nd system develop along the coast and also track NE towards the Maritimes. This 2nd system will linger over the region through Wednesday with unsettled conditions. An upper air disturbance which had been stalled over the Great Lakes and directing these storm into the Maritimes will shift to the east coast later in the week which will help steer any more systems out to sea but unfortunately it will allow the coldest air of the season to surge south over the region on Friday. Cold high pressure will be approaching from the west but these cold temperatures over the still open waters should set the stage for onshore flurries.

Precipitation.. Flurries today, light snow develops tomorrow evening tapering to flurries Tuesday evening. Heaviest snows will fall over eastern PEI where 15-20 cms possible. Lesser amounts westward with 10 cms for west Prince. Flurries continue Wednesday through Friday.

Temperatures.. Mild today with temps peaking near 0. The cold front sweeps through this afternoon followed by falling temperatures dropping to -9 by suppertime and -13 by midnight. Seasonably cold tomorrow then mild again for Tuesday through Thursday then turns frigid for Friday and stays cold into early next week.

Wind.. Brisk southerlies today shifting to NW with the frontal passage this afternoon then dropping off to calm overnight tonight. Increasing NE winds tomorrow as the noreaster tracks by diminishing on Tuesday. Light and variable winds on Wednesday. Westerlies develop on Thursday which will then continue through Sunday.

Watches/warnings.. A special weather statement remains in effect with the noreaster passing so close to the island.

Hazards.. Turning cold later today so any wet surfaces will quickly freeze.


Today.. Cloudy with a few flurries brisk SW winds shifting to NW this afternoon, Highs near 0 early this afternoon then fall sharply to -9 by suppertime.

Tonight.. clearing, NW winds diminishing to calm, lows -13 by midnight then steady.

Tomorrow.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with light snow developing in the evening. Increasing south winds, temps climbing to -5

Tuesday.. Snow, brisk NE winds, highs -2

Wednesday.. Flurries, 0

Thursday.. Flurries, -4

Friday.. Flurries, -15

Saturday.. Flurries, -14

Sunday… Flurries, -8


Trip to Maine

The Snow will be closer to the coast so I would suggest going through Houlton/Woodstock which will keep you further from the snow. The earlier you leave the better. Snow should spread into Bangor about mid afternoon. It will start earlier further south towards Portland. If you leave at dawn then you may get south of Bangor before the snow starts. Leaving at noon will put you in to the snow between Moncton and Fredericton. The heaviest snow will be to the east. The latest charts are hinting at 5-10 cms of snow through NB and Maine through tomorrow evening along the TCH/I95.  Now this can always change when updated data comes in tonight but this is what the charts are showing as of now. Hope this helps..



The clean-up begins after 25-40 cms snow fall across PEI..

Saturday February 6th 10:10am.. The storm system that brought 25-40 cms snow across parts of PEI is now located just east of Newfoundland and continues to move away, meanwhile a ridge of high pressure is approaching from the west and will crest over the island late this afternoon. Sunshine and diminishing winds will accompany this feature. A weak clipper type low pressure system near James Bay will move eastward into the northern Gulf of St Lawrence tonight then into northern Newfoundland tomorrow. Cloud, a few flurries and mild temps will accompany this feature but the associated cold front will then sweep across the island tomorrow afternoon resulting in a wind shift to the NW and plummeting temperatures. High pressure briefly builds in for Sunday night then things really start to get interesting as 2 coastal storms come up the coast. The various computer models are not in agreement on the intensity and track of either system so for now best to just say that there is a possibility of BACK-BACK snow events for PEI with the first system on Monday evening/overnight and the 2nd system Tuesday evening and overnight. The second system may even linger over the region for a few days through mid week. So lots of weather to watch for next week.

Precipitation.. Generally a swath of 25-40 cms snow fell across PEI past 24 hours which was basically what was forecast. I recorded 29.4 cms snow here in the New Haven area. Charlottetown airport officially recorded 39 cms, Borden 14, Summerside 24, Wellington 24, New London 21, St Peters 26, Stanhope 31. The next system, will give a few flurries beginning late tonight and continues through tomorrow afternoon. Next week is a big question mark as 2 systems ‘could” effect the region beginning Monday afternoon. Should know more tomorrow.

Temperatures.. Cold today, warming up tonight with temps rising to -2 by dawn tomorrow then rising to +1 tomorrow afternoon. The cold front goes through around suppertime tomorrow forcing temps down to -11 by mid evening. Warms up again late Monday.

Wind.. Light SW today, Brisk SW tomorrow shifting to NW tomorrow afternoon, Brisk NE on MOnday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Sunny, diminishing SW winds, highs -8

Tonight.. Cloudy with a few flurries developing, light SW winds, temps rising to -2 by dawn tomorrow.

Sunday.. Cloudy with a few flurries, brisk SW winds shifting to NW late in the afternoon, highs +1 then falling with the wind shift to -10 by mid evening.

Monday.. 1st Potential noreaster  ???

Tuesday.. 2nd Potential storm  ???

Wednesday.. 2nd potential storm lingers  ???





Snow event expected tomorrow across PEI..

Thursday February 4th 3:15pm.. Good afternoon.. Hope your are enjoying the mild weather across PEI today.. Temps are running in the 8/9’s across the island thanks to a warm front that lifted north of the region last night. Unfortunately, the associated cold front will also sweep across the region overnight tonight then stall off the coast just east of NS. Low pressure is then expected to develop off the mid Atlantic coast and ripple NNE along this stalled front passing just easy of NS tomorrow. This puts the island on the cold side and with the position of the expected storm track, could result in a significant dumping of snow across PEI. Any slight shift in track westward would bring warmer air into eastern PEI with a change over to rain. A shift further east would also shift the heaviest east across Cape Breton. As it looks right now, the heaviest snow should occur across central PEI with 30+ cms possible. This system pulls away Friday night with just some onshore flurries left on Saturday in the colder NW winds. Weak high pressure briefly builds in for early Saturday afternoon then a weak clipper type system will bring some on Sunday. This system should pass north of the island so mild temps are expected with it but it’s associated cold front then sweeps through late Sunday afternoon bringing an end to the mild weather. Cold high pressure builds in for Monday then another mess moves in for Tuesday as low pressure organizes along the coast.

Precipitation.. Rain showers today ending with the frontal passage this evening. Chance of a few flurries as colder air filters in.  Snow begins near dawn tomorrow becoming heavy through the day tapering to flurries before dawn on Saturday. Snowfall amounts on the 25-35 cms range possible across PEI with the heaviest right through the center. Now this can change of the expected storm track shifts east or west.  Onshore flurries on Saturday. More light snow on Sunday but amounts should stay light. Onshore flurries for Monday then another snow dump possible on Tuesday…

Temperatures..Mild today but will be falling this dropping below zero after midnight. staying fairly mild tomorrow with temps staying just below the freezing mark. So a wet snow event is likely. Colder on Saturday. Warm-up again on Sunday with temps pushing zero. Cold returns for Monday then mail again on Tuesday.

Wind... Light westerly now shifting to northerlies with the cold frontal passage tonight. Increasing NE tomorrow becoming northerly tomorrow night. NW on Saturday.

Watches/warnings.. A special weather statement is in effect right now for PEI but expect that to be replaced with snowfall warnings very soon.

Hazards... accumulating snow tomorrow. Wind should nit be too strong but still expected some drifting snow later tomorrow as the winds do increase out of the NE/N. Heavy wet snow may also cause issues with trees close to power lines.


Tonight..Cloudy with rain showers becoming few flurries, light west winds shifting to northerly, temps falling to 0 by midnight. Snow beginning towards dawn.

Tomorrow.. Snow at times heavy, light-brisk NE/N winds giving some drifting snow. temps steady near -1

Saturday.. Sunny up west, cloud and flurries down east, light-brisk NW winds, highs -7

Sunday.. Light snow. light south winds, highs 0

Monday.. Onshore flurries, -5

Tuesday…??? possible snow event



Snow today, mild and rain tomorrow acrss PEI.

Wednesday February 3rd 8:45am..  An area of high pressure centered right over PEI this morning will drift off to the east today. Clear skies, calm winds and cool temps accompanied this feature. High clouds will begin to spread in by noon as a warm front begins to approach from the SW. Light snow should develop by early to mid afternoon changing to freezing rain and ice pellets mid/late evening then over to rain just after midnight as temps climb above zero. Temperatures continue to rise on Thursday ahead of the cold which should cross the island Thursday evening bringing an end to the showers. Strong gusty southerly winds will also develop tomorrow in the warm sector. As mentioned the cold front will cross later Thursday then stall just east of NS. A low pressure system will then develop off the mid  Atlantic coast and ripple northward along this stalled front bringing some snow into the island by Friday morning ending late Friday evening. Weak high pressure builds in for early Saturday then a weak clipper type low pressure system will cross the island Saturday night into Sunday afternoon. High pressure returns for Monday then watching a coastal system for Tuesday.

Precipitation..  Snow pushes into western PEI near 2:00pm then spreads eastwards across the remainder of the island changing to freezing rain late this evening then over to rain after midnight. About 5 cms snow possible before the change over. Rain ends tomorrow evening giving about 10 mms. Few flurries possible Thursday evening as the cold front crosses. Now the big question is Friday..  The computer models are not in agreement with how close this stalled front will be to the coast and and as a result how much snow spreads across the region. The American model (GFS) has the snow just scarping eastern PEI while the Canadian model (GBL) has 20 cms snow across central PEI. The European model is slso leaning towards the Canadian giving more support to a snowfall on Friday. Highest amounts down east (25 cms) and lower amounts up west (15 cms). Charlottetown in the middle near 20. This is what the models are projecting right now and will most likely change as the picture becomes clearer in a day or 2. It will all depend on where this stalled front or elongated trough stalls.  Saturday should be dry, light snow Saturday night into Sunday.

Temperatures.. Warm-up begins today with temps climbing to -4 by suppertime then +1 by midnight tonight then +10 by early afternoon tomorrow. Temps then begin to fall late afternoon dropping back below 0 near midnight. No real cold air around so it stays mild through Sunday.. MOnday more seasonal cold then mild again on Tuesday.

Wind.. Shift to the south this morning increasing to strong southerly tonight into tomorrow then shifting to westerly tomorrow evening with the passage of the cold front. Light NW on Friday into early Saturday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time. Will need to watch Friday for possible snowfall watches/warnings.

Hazards.. 5 cms snow today beginning mid afternoon. Wind wont really be a factor until mid evening and by that time it should be quite wet so no real blowing/drifting snow. Freezing rain possible during the change over and should occur mid evening.

Moncton Trip..  Snow will begin in Moncton today about 11am so you will be driving into the snow. Snow changes to rain just before midnight tonight and continues all day tomorrow. Temps climbing to +10 tomorrow afternoon.  Friday remains the big question. I used the Canadian model here which puts 10 cms snow into Moncton beginning near dawn Friday ending Friday afternoon. Wind is now expected to be a factor so not looking significant drifting snow with temperatures near 0. If the systems sets up a bit further off the coast then lighter snowfall amounts expected.  Hope this helps..


Today.. Increasing clouds with snow developing early afternoon, light south winds, tempos climbing to -4 by suppertime.

Tonight..Snow changing to ice pellets then through freezing rain and finally rain near midnight. brisk -strong south winds, temps climbing to +1 by midnight and +4 by dawn tomorrow.

Tomorrow.. Rain, brisk-strong south winds, highs +10 by mid afternoon then falling.

Friday.. Snow ??  not 100 % sure yet. best chance down east. light winds, highs 0

Saturday.. Cloudy with light snow by evening,-4

Sunday.. Light snow, +1

Monday.. Sunny, -6

Tuesday.. Snow/rain developing late..

Sunny but chilly today across PEI

Tuesday February 2nd 8:30am..  A cold front swept across the island yesterday evening bringing an end to the mild weather. Sunshine will prevail today as an area of high pressure located in Ontario drifts east. This feature will cross the island tomorrow afternoon. A warm front approaching from the west will begin to spread high clouds across the island Wednesday morning with snow or freezing rain developing by Wednesday evening. The warm front lifts north of the island Wednesday night, temps rise and snow/freezing rain changes to rain which should end by noon on Thursday. A couple of cold fronts goes through Thursday afternoon then again on Friday afternoon which will bring temps back down closer to normal. Long range charts are showing an elongated tough of low pressure stalled off the east coast of NS. The various models continue to have trouble here with the placement of this feature. A little further west then it’s a day of snow, further east and we have sunshine. Will continue to watch this. High pressure builds in for Saturday then weak low pressure approaches from the west on Sunday.

Precipitation.. Light snow (freezing rain) begins Wednesday evening changing to rain near midnight then ending before noon on Thursday giving about 5-10 mms. Few flurries on Friday and Sunday.

Temperatures.. Seasonably cold today and tomorrow. Warm-up begins tomorrow evening with temps rising to +1 by midnight then +10 by noon Thursday. Temps then begin to fall back later Thursday but no real cold arctic air around. Temps should remain a few degrees above normal Friday into the weekend.

Wind.. Light-brisk NW today, light NW tonight becoming very light or calm tomorrow afternoon. Southerlies then develop later tomorrow becoming brisk – strong on Thursday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards... Water from yesterday’s snow melt has frozen so roads and sidewalks may be icy in places.


Today.. Sunny, light-brisk NW winds, highs -5

Tonight.. Mostly clear, light west winds, lows -15

Tomorrow.. Sunny with increasing clouds through the day. Freezing rain developing towards evening, light south winds developing, temps starting out near -15 then rising to +1 by midnight.

Thursday.. Showers, strong south winds, highs +10

Friday.. Cloudy, flurries, +1

Saturday.. Sunny, -1

Sunday.. Flurries, +1