Rain today, sunny and hot tomorrow expected across PEI..

Tuesday May 26th 7:45am.. Good morning.. A warm front oriented west-east is located across the Maritimes this morning and is slowly lifting north. Cloud and periods of rain will accompany this feature. Meanwhile, a subtropical area of high pressure is located off the US east coast south of NS and will also drift northward in behind the warm front tomorrow. This feature will bring very warm muggy air to the region. The airmass will also be conducive to afternoon/evening thundershowers which will need to be monitored especially through NB.  A very slow loving cold front will be dropping SE on Thursday which will once again focus thunderstorms along its length. This front should move through PEI Thursday night. High pressure will briefly build in for Friday giving some sunshine and cooler temps but temps rebound on Saturday as southerly flow of air returns. Another strong cold front is then expected to approach the region Saturday afternoon crossing the island Saturday evening with showers and severe thunderstorms. This front will then stall just southeast of NS for Sunday and Monday keeping a threat of unsettled weather across the region.

Precipitation.. Rain has spread across the island over the past hour or so and will continue for most of the day ending this evening giving amounts in the 5-10 mms range. Mainly dry for Wednesday but cant rule out an afternoon shower/thundershower. More organized showers/thundershowers spread across the region Thursday evening which could give isolated localized heavy rainfall. Mainly dry for Friday and Saturday then need to watch as a strong cold front crosses the region Saturday night with a potential local heavy rain event. This front will be stalled just south of the Maritimes for Sunday and Monday so could see some stray showers.

Thunderstorms.. There is a risk basically all week but the greatest risk will be on Wednesday, Thursday evening and Saturday. Heavy rainfall being the biggest threat.

Temperatures.. Cooler today under cloud cover and rainfall but still above normal. Warm and muggy conditions return for tomorrow and basically continue into Saturday. Cooler weather on tap for Sunday behind the strong cold front.

Wind.. Brisk SW winds continue through Thursday briefly shifting to the north on Friday morning then back to the south later Friday. Brisk SW winds on Saturday shifting to the north again Saturday night behind the strong cold front.

Watches/Warnings... None for PEI at this time but need to watch the development of thunderstorms for possible severe thunderstorms.

Hazards.. Localized heavy rainfall under strong thunderstorms.


Today.. Cloudy with periods of rain,   light-brisk SW winds, highs 19

Tonight.. Rain ending this evening then clearing after midnight, light SW winds, lows 14

Wednesday.. Mainly sunny but can’t rule out an afternoon/evening shower/thundershower, light SW winds, highs 28 humidex values near 33

Thursday.. Cloudy with showers/thundershowers, brisk SW winds, highs 20

Friday.. Sunny, light NE winds, highs 19

Saturday.. Cloudy with showers/thundershowers, brisk SW winds, highs 24

Sunday.. Sunny and cooler, NW winds, highs 12

An early taste of Summer begins today for PEI..

Monday May 25th  8:30am.. Warm and muggy weather is in store across the island beginning today as a sub-tropical area if high pressure remains just off the US east coast. A warm SW flow will transport warm and humid air up into the Maritimes through the weekend. A warm front will cross the Maritmes on Tuesday which will bring some cloud and showers.  A frontal boundary will then move into the region on Wednesday with some cloud and showers then stall out for Thursday.  Low pressure moves to the NE of the region on Friday bringing cooler weather to the Maritimes on Friday under NW winds. High pressure returns for Saturday then a strong cold front approaches on Saturday night into Sunday. Much cooler weather moves into the area on Sunday behind this front bringing an end to the pre-summer weather.

Precipitation.. Few showers possible tomorrow associated with the warm front. Few showers possible again on Thursday associated with the slow moving frontal boundary which is expected to stall out over the region. Another round of showers later Saturday into Sunday.

Thunderstorms... The airmass will be warm and unstable with chance of thundershowers everyday but a more increased risk with the passage of the frontal boundaries. Some of these storms could be strong/severe especially in NB.

Temperatures… At or above normal conditions expected today through Friday. Humidex values will be elevated as well. Cooler weather moves in later Saturday.

Wind.. Light-brisk SW winds expected today through Thursday. A brief shift to the NE early Friday behind the departing low pressure then back to the SW later Friday into Saturday. A more pronounced wind shift to the NW later Saturday with the passage of the cold front.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI now but need to monitor the development of thunderstorms for possible thunderstorm watches and warnings beginning today. These conditions will persist into Saturday.


Today.. Mix  of sun and cloud, brisk SW winds, highs 25.

Tonight.. Cloudy, light SW winds, lows 14

Tuesday.. Cloudy with morning showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 21

Wednesday.  Mix of sun and cloud, chance of strong thundershowers, light-brisk SW winds, warm and muggy with highs near 25. Humidex values near 32

Thursday.. Cloud and showers, light-brisk SW winds shifting to North late in the day, highs 21

Friday..mix of sun and cloud, winds shifting back to SW, highs 19

Saturday.. Cloud and showers. turning cooler later in the day.

Sunday.. Sunny and cool, NW winds, highs 13

The warm and muggies begin next week for PEI..

Saturday May 23rd 5:00pm..  A cold front swept across the island during the overnight hours last night and left cold unstable air in its wake. Sunshine today resulted in cloud buildups with associated scattered showers. There was even the possibility of some rumble of thunder and small hail/ice pellets. This activity will wind down as the sun sets this evening. High pressure will pass south of the region tonight followed by a weak cold front which will cross the region tomorrow morning. Cloudy periods  and a scattered showers will accompany this feature. This front will left back north on Monday as a warm front ushering in much warmer and muggy air to the region. The remainder of the week will see several weak systems track across the Maritimes in the fast zonal flow with temperatures remaining warm and muggy similar to mid summer conditions.

Precipitation.. Chance of a shower this evening then again tomorrow. Next week will remain general cloudy and unsettled with a chance of afternoon showers.

Temperatures.. Cold tonight then a warm-up begins tomorrow with temps at or above normal through until at least next weekend. It will also be muggy with elevated Humidex values.

Wind.. Light-brisk SW winds expected right through until next weekend.

Thunderstorms.. Slight chance of a rumble this evening. Chance of storms beginning Monday of next week.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Tonight.. Cloudy periods with a slight chance of shower/thundershower. Light SW winds, lows 7

Sunday.. Cloudy periods and chance of a shower, light-brisk SW winds, highs 18

Monday.. Sunny, light-brisk SW winds, highs 24

Tuesday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds,  highs 19

Wednesday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 22 humidex near 28

Thursday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 19

Friday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 2

Cool and damp tonight and tomorrow across PEI..

Friday May 22nd 6:00pm.. A couple of system are effecting the Maritmes today.. First A low pressure system which developed off Cape  Hattaras yesterday is moving NE and tracking just east of Sable Island. This system is bringing some heavy rains to eastern NS and Cape Breton. The second system is a low pressure system which has moved into northern NB and will track eastward across the Gulf of St Lawrence tonight. A cold front extending southward form this low will sweep across the island overnight tonight. Unsettled weather continues tomorrow as an upper air disturbance moves across the Maritimes.  Sunday continues to be unsettled as yet another cold front will begin to move across the region with cloud and showers. Weather turns warmer for the beginning of next week as a warm front begins to approach the region but remains unsettled as several disturbances will track across Maritimes. Looks like warm and muggy with showers and thundershowers. Typical mid summer weather.

Precipitation.. 2 areas of rainfall are effecting the region. 1st a large area of rain is falling over NS and Eastern half of PEI associated with the system moving east of NS. This should end this evening as the system pulls away. The 2nd system is a cold front with its line of associated showers moving across NB. Except showers to redevelop overnight tonight as the front crosses. Showers again tomorrow as an upper air disturbance  tracks through.  Cloud and showers continue into Monday and Tuesday of next week.

Temperatures. Cold tomorrow, warmer on Sunday then above normal beginning on Monday which will continue through the week. Actually, muggy conditions expected by Monday

Wind.. Light-brisk southerly will shift to WNW tonight with the passage of the cold front then continue through the day tomorrow. Winds will shift back to the SW and continue through all of next week.

Thunderstorms.. Slight chance tonight then another chance  all next week beginning on Tuesday.


Tonight.. Cloudy with showers ending this evening then redeveloping after midnight. Light-brisk south winds shifting to WNW after midnight, lows 4

Saturday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk WNW winds, highs 13

Sunday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 18

Monday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 23 (Muggy)

Tuesday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 20 muggy

Wednesday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 25 muggy.

Thursday.. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 20 muggy

Friday. Cloudy with chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 25 muggy

Some sunshine expected today for PEI, Rain developes tomorrow..

Thursday May 21st 7:00am.. Clouds and a few showers moved east of the region yesterday evening as a cold front passed through. Weak high pressure is now in control but is moving off the east coast but afternoon clouds should develop today in the cold unstable airmass. A c omplicated set-up developing as Another cold front will begin to push into our area tomorrow morning from the west. An area of low pressure is also expected to develop along the front and ripple eastward along it into our region later tomorrow. Meanwhile a low pressure system is expected to develop off  Cape Hattaras tonight and track NE passing just east of NS tomorrow night. Heavy rains and strong winds are expected to accompany this ocean system but should remain offshore NS. Saturday is expected to remain cloudy and wet as the cold front and low to our west slowly move through. Sunday is also expected to remain unsettled as an upper air disturbance moves across the Maritimes. Sunshine and warm temperatures return for Monday followed by clouds and showers on Tuesday as a warm front approaches from the west.

Precipitation.. Very slight chance of an afternoon shower today. Showers should begin near noon tomorrow and continues as a couple of system effect the region ending Sunday afternoon. Rainfall amounts in the 15-20 mm range. Dry for Monday then another round of showers set to begin Tuesday. Heaviest rains  should occur over Northwestern NB associated with the low pressure system tracking along the frontal boundary. A second area of heavy rain expected along the spine and coast of NS through to Cape Breton associated with the track of the ocean storm developing off Cape Hattaras. If the this track shifts westward then we could see significant rain moving into eastern PEI Friday night into Saturday morning. Dry for later Sunday into Monday then more rain on Tuesday.

Temperatures.. Normal for today and tomorrow. Cold for Saturday, back to normal for Sunday.

Wind.. Brisk Westerly winds today shifting to SW tomorrow then increasing to brisk-strong westerly later Saturday as the ocean storm tracks by east of NS.  Brisk SW winds continue on Sunday diminishing to light on Monday.

Thunderstorms.. Nothing expected til about Tuesday of next week.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Cloudy periods with a very slight risk of a shower, brisk West winds, highs 17

Tonight.. Cloudy, light-brisk SW winds, lows 8

Friday.. Cloudy with showers beginning near noon, light-brisk S/SW winds, highs 18

Saturday.. Cloudy with showers, brisk-strong SW-W winds. highs 10

Sunday.. Showers ending then clearing, brisk SW winds, highs 16

Monday.. Sunny, Increasing SW winds, highs 21

Tuesday.. Showers

Wednesday.. Warm and muggy, highs 25 chance of thundershowers

More showers expected today across PEI..

Wednesday May 20th 8:25am.. Good morning..Showers began yesterday afternoon across the island ahead of the first of 2 cold fronts which are effecting the region. The first front has already moved east, the second front is oriented North-South and draped through the spine of Maine. This front will move east today into the Maritimes crossing PEI late this afternoon/early evening bringing another round of showers with it. High pressure builds in over the region for tomorrow but conditions will be unstable with some cold air aloft resulting in some daytime cloud development which could give some localized showers. Tings start to get interesting on Friday as a low pressure system is expected to develop just to or west. The various models are beginning to have difficulty on how to handle this system as well as secondary development SE of NS and are giving various solutions as to which system becomes the primary and how strong it gets. Anyway, it looks later Friday into Saturday will be wet. This system pulls away Saturday night but yet another cold front is expected to cross the region on Sunday with more cloud and showers. The beginning of next week continues to be unsettled with the cold front slowly moving south of the region.

Precipitation.. Showers will continue off off and on today but should end this evening. Possible showers tomorrow afternoon in daytime heating. Showers begin again Friday evening and continue into Saturday. There could be some heavy associated but unable to go into any details until more info is available. More showers on Sunday into Monday.

Temperatures..  At or slightly above normal today through Friday.. Cooler on Saturday and Sunday then back to normal for the beginning of next week.

Wind.. Brisk SW today shifting to West with the passage of the cold front this evening. Winds then shift shift back to the SW for Thursday, south on Friday then NW on Saturday. Have to wait and see how things pan out for later in the weekend.

Thunderstorms..  A few thundershowers are currently rumbling north of PEI out over the water, otherwise nil expected.

Watches/warnings... None for PEI at this  time.


Today.. Cloudy with a few showers,  brisk SW winds, highs 16

Tonight.. Clearing, light-brisk west winds, lows 7

Thursday.. Mix of sun and cloud, slight risk of an afternoon shower, light-brisk SW winds, highs 17

Friday.. Sunny start then clouding over with chance of showers later in the day, brisk south winds, highs 16

Saturday.. Cloud and showers, light brisk west winds, highs 11

Sunday.. Cloud and showers, 12

Monday.. Showers ending then clearing, 20

Showers eXpected later today across PEI..

Tuesday May 19th 7:30am...  The area of high pressure that gave such great weather to the island yesterday has moved east and is now located off the coast of NS. Clouds are beginning to spread across the region now ahead of a cold front which is moving through eastern Quebec. This front will spread some showers across the island later today as it approaches. A second cold front will then cross the island Wednesday afternoon with more shower activity. High pressure briefly builds in for Thursday with some sunshine then a area of low pressure is expected to develop over New England and move into the Maritimes for Friday and linger through Saturday with clouds and showers. Yet another system expected to move into our region for Sunday with more unsettled weather.

Precipitation.. Showers should spread across the island from east to west during the mid to late afternoon then continue off and on as 2 cold fronts sweep across the island ending by Wednesday evening with generally light amounts expected. Dry for Thursday into early Friday then showers develop again Friday evening ending Saturday afternoon. More showers on Sunday.

Temperatures.. Expected to be at or above normal for the period except for Saturday.

Wind.. Light-brisk SW today and tonight shifting to westerlies tomorrow afternoon. Winds then shift back to the SW for Thursday and Friday turning NW on Saturday.

Thunderstorms.. Slight risk later today, tonight into early tomorrow.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Cloudy with showers developing this afternoon, light-brisk SW winds, highs 18

Tonight.. Cloudy with showers, light-brisk SW winds, lows 10

Wednesday.. Cloudy with showers ending by evening, light-brisk south winds shifting to westerly in the afternoon, highs 17

Thursday.. Mainly sunny, light-brisk W/SW winds, highs 17

Friday.. Cloudy with  showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 18

Saturday.. Showers ending, brisk NW winds, highs 12

Sunday.. Cloud and showers, brisk west winds, highs 17

Monday.. Sunny, light SW winds, highs 20