Turning colder today across PEI..

Saturday March 25th 6:20am.. A cold front will cross the island late this morning. Mild temps, cloud and a few flurries will give way to clearing skies and falling temps in it’s wake.A large area of high pressure currently centered in central Ontario will drift east and will cross the island Sunday night into Monday morning. Brisk NW winds in advance of this feature could result in onshore cloud and flurries off the open waters of the Gulf. A weak system will approach late Monday night spreading some snow across the island beginning Tuesday morning. Another low pressure system then crosses the region on Wednesday but it looks like a rain event at this time. Cold air flood sin behind this low on Thursday giving some cloud and a few flurries. Actually it appears that a NW flow in advance of the next high pressure system should result in onshore cloud and flurries for the island right through Saturday with the high pressure actually crossing the region on Sunday.

Precipitation.. Few flurries this morning. Few flurries in the onshore NW winds especially down east tonight into tomorrow. Dry on Monday. Some light snow develops Tuesday morning just after sunrise giving a couple cms. Rain spreads across the island Wednesday morning near sunrise.ending Wednesday evening. Flurries for Thursday Through Saturday.

Temperatures.. Steady near -1 til noon then falling. Cold tonight and tomorrow. Remains slightly below normal for Monday then normal beginning on Tuesday.

Wind.. Light-brisk NW winds today, tonight and tomorrow dropping off to very light on Monday.Light-brisk easterlies for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Hazards.. Light snow this morning.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Cloudy with few flurries, light-brisk NW winds, temps steady near -1 til noon then falling -4 by suppertime.

Tonight.. Cloudy periods with a few flurries, light NW winds, lows -10

Tomorrow.. Cloudy periods with a few flurries, light-brisk NW winds, highs -6

Monday.. Sunny, calm winds, highs 0

Tuesday.. Snow in the morning (2 CMS), light east winds, highs 0

Wednesday.. Rain, east winds, highs +1

Thursday.. Flurries, +1

Friday.. Flurries, +1

Saturday.. Flurries, 0

Light snow returns tonight across PEI..

Friday March 24th 9:30am.. A ridge of high pressure  oriented north-south is currently crossing the Maritimes and is giving sunshine and light winds to the region. Clouds will thicken up later today as A warm front approaches with some light snow developing by suppertime. The associated cold front then moves through later tomorrow morning again with some cloud and flurries. High pressure then builds in for Sunday cresting over the island late Monday morning. Snow will spread across the island Tuesday morning ahead of a warm front. Wednesday will see a change over to some rain as low pressure crosses NS. Rain showers change over to flurries as colder air returns on the back side of the departing system on Thursday. High pressure then approaches for Friday.

Precipitation.. Light snow develops this evening tapering to flurries tomorrow. Only a couple cms snow expected. Dry for Monday. Flurries on Tuesday becoming periods of snow early Wednesday which could change over to rain after sunrise. Snowfall amounts could be in the 5-10 cms range.

Temperatures..Getting close to normal later today through tonight into early tomorrow but then falling tomorrow afternoon with the passage of the cold front. Remaining cold on Sunday then normal for the remainder of the period.

Wind...Light NW winds now but will shift to the SW this afternoon increasing to light-brisk. Winds will then shift to the NW near noon tomorrow ushering in the cold air. NW winds will then continue though Sunday and Monday.

Hazards.. Light snow tonight.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time…


Today.. Sunny start becoming cloudy through the afternoon, light-brisk SW winds, highs -2.

Tonight.. Light snow, light-brisk SW winds, temps steady near -1

Tomorrow.. Flurries, winds shifting to NW near noon, temps near 0 initially then falling with the winds shift near noon to -5 by suppertime.

Sunday..Mix of sun and cloud, chance of a flurrie, light-brisk NW winds, highs -5

Monday.. Sunny becoming cloudy, light northwest winds, highs -1

Tuesday.. Flurries/showers, +2 becoming snow overnight 5-10 cms

Wednesday.. Snow to rain, +1

Thursday.. Flurries, 0

Friday.. Sunny, +1

Winter weather returns to PEI..

Thursday March 23rd 9:30am..Welcome back to winter.. A low pressure system crossed the Maritimes yesterday  and is now located over Newfoundland. This system intensified rapidly once it moved east of Cape Breton and drew in cold arctic air in behind it. The combination of wind and snow resulted in blizzard conditions across the Island. I measured 15 cms snow here in the New Haven area while Charlottetown airport recorded 26cms as of 8:00am. This system will continue to move off to the east today allowing high pressure to build in from the west. Skies have already cleared in NB. The high is centered just south of the Great Lakes now and will move southeast passing to our south tomorrow. Clouds will spread across the region later tomorrow as a warm front slides by to our south. Some light snow is expected with this feature. The frontal boundary will remain to our south through Sunday. Another low pressure system will then approach from the Great Lakes on Tuesday but it may stay south of the region as well as it ripples eastward along the frontal boundary.

Precipitation.. As mentioned earlier, I recorded 15 cms snow here in the New Haven area, 26 in town. It was difficult to get a good measurement due to the drifting snow and other reporting places on the island had recorded much lower amounts..The snow is tapering to flurries now but should continue through the day as onshore NW winds blow off the Gulf with maybe another 2-4 cms possible. Snow should redevelop later tomorrow evening but only give 1-2 cms. Few flurries on Saturday then dry conditions expected Sunday through Tuesday but the frontal boundary will be stalled just to our south so the cloud and precip is just south of NS.

Temperatures.. Cold today, just below normal tomorrow,  normal on Saturday. Cold again on Sunday then near normal for the remainder of the period.

Wind.. Brisk NW winds diminishing today becoming SW tomorrow afternoon then NW Saturday afternoon.

Hazards... Blowing and drifting snow today.

Watches/warnings.. Blizzard warnings were still in effect for Kings county but will most likely be dropped shortly as the system pulls away.


Today.. Flurries, clearing from west to east, brisk NW winds giving blowing and drifting snow especially early in the day, highs -9

Tonight.. Few clouds, light NW winds,  temps steady near -9

Tomorrow.. Sunny start. Increasing clouds, light snow possible late, light SW winds, highs -2

Saturday.. Flurries, light NW winds, highs +1

Sunday.. Sun and Cloud, light NW winds, -5

Monday.. Sun and Cloud, light north winds, -2

Tuesday.. Cloudy, NE winds, -2

Wednesday.. Cloudy, NE winds, +4

Blizzard conditions expected across PEI this evening and overnight.

Update:  10:00am..

Latest data indicates that blizzard conditions will develop in the Charlottetown area about mid evening. Expect winds to shift to the north about 8:00pm but will take a few hours before the strong winds develop which is what will result in blizzard conditions.

Wednesday March 22nd 8:45am.. A weak low pressure system tracked across central Maine overnight and is now located near Gran Manan Island. This system will now intensify and track eastward to be located in the eastern Northumberland Strait by suppertime today then continue eastward crossing Cape Breton during the overnight hours. Snow will spread across the island initially this morning but change over to rain as temperatures warm up. The rain changes back to snow as the system passes to our east around suppertime and colder air floods in. This occurs just as the winds are picking up resulting in blizzard conditions this evening and overnight. The system pulls away tomorrow and the winds will begin to diminish but onshore northerly flow should keep clouds and flurries throughout the day with some clearing up west. Very cold air and brisk NW winds will continue to effect the island through Friday resulting in blowing and drifting snow as high pressure passes to our south. A warm front will be draped over the region on Saturday resulting in more cloud and snow. This could change to rain if the front gets close enough.

Precipitation.. Snow showers will begin this morning and change to rain showers this afternoon then back to snow late this afternoon. Snow and blowing snow overnight tapers to flurries tomorrow. Flurries continue into early Friday. Snowfall amounts in the 10-15 cm range.

Temperatures.. Will be near normal this afternoon but then plummet early this evening and remaining cold through tomorrow. Temps return closer to normal on Friday then normal on Saturday.

Wind.. Light-brisk SE winds today but will shift to brisk-strong NW around suppertime which will usher in the cold air and beginning of the blizzard. NW winds will diminish through tomorrow.

Hazards.. Blizzard conditions will spread across the island from west to east as the wind shifts to the NW later this afternoon moving into the Charlottetown area by suppertime today. I suggest to be home before this happens as conditions will deteriorate very quickly.

Watches/warnings.. Blizzard warning remains in effect for all of PEI this evening and overnight.



More snow expected tomorrow across PEI..

Tuesday March 21st 8:30am.. Welcome to the first full day of spring. A low pressure system stalled just east of NS yesterday and gave significant amounts of snow and freezing rain to eastern NS and Cape Breton. In fact a freezing rain warnings remains in effect for those regions. A new low pressure system will develop in western NB tomorrow morning then intensify as it moves eastward across southern NB and NS. This system will track just south of the island keeping us on the colder side resulting in a snow event. for tomorrow. The system will exit eastward across Cape Breton tomorrow night. An arctic cold front is then expected to sweep across the Maritimes tomorrow evening bringing a blast of cold arctic air for Thursday. This cold blast will be short lived as a warm up expected on Friday  as a warm front approaches from the west. Snow will once again spread across the region Friday evening as the front gets closer but ending Saturday morning with the passage of the associated cold front. High pressure then builds on for later Saturday and dominates through Monday with dry weather. The next weather system will be approaching Tuesday night with a mixed bag of rain and snow for the Maritimes.

Precipitation.. Few flurries today but over all an improving trend into tonight. Snow redevelops tomorrow before noon ending before dawn on Thursday giving 10-15 cms. The heaviest amounts should be over eastern Kings county (Souris area). Flurries for Thursday in the cold NW winds. Dry for Thursday night into Friday. Snow begins again Friday evening ending near noon on Saturday.

Temperatures.. Normal high for this time of year is 1.5c. Temps will be near that today and tomorrow then cold for Thursday. Normal again for Friday into early Saturday then a cool down Saturday afternoon with the passage of the cold front. Remains cold on Sunday then back to normal for Monday.

Wind.. Brisk northerlies today dropping off to calm tonight then light-brisk easterlies tomorrow shifting to brisk northerlies tomorrow night into Thursday.

Hazards.. Slushie rural roads today. Accumulating snow tomorrow night. Increasing winds will result in widespread blowing and drifting snow tomorrow night continuing into Thursday.

Watches/warnings..None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Cloudy with a few flurries, light-brisk north winds, highs +1

Tonight.. Cloudy, calm winds, lows -2

Tomorrow.. Cloudy snow beginning in the late afternoon,  light eats winds increasing to brisk northerlies towards midnight giving blowing and drifting snow, highs 0

Thursday.. Bit of a trickie morning with 10-15 cms snow during the overnight hours.. Snow will be ending but brisk north winds will maintain blowing and drifting snow. Cold as well with highs -9

Friday..Cloudy, snow redeveloping in the late afternoon, highs 0

Saturday.. Flurries.. Initially temps will be near 0 but will fall with the passage of the cold front dropping to -7 by suppertime.

Sunday..Flurries, -5

Monday. Cloudy -1

Unsettled conditions expected for the new couple days across PEI..

Monday March 20th 6:45am.. A low pressure system located SE of NS this morning has spread a mixed bag of weather into the southern and eastern Maritimes. This system will be slow to move NE thus expecting snow/freezing rain and rain to effect eastern regions over the next 24-36 hours. Western PEI may escape this completely. A cold front will then approach the area from the west on Wednesday. Another area of low pressure will develop along this front early Wednesday morning in the Gulf of Maine. This new low then tracks NE crossing southern NS Wednesday afternoon. Much colder air will then invade the island later Wednesday in behind this system. Cold high pressure then dominates the picture for Thursday and Friday but cold onshore NW winds off any open water in the Gulf may result in cloud and flurries. The weekend is looking colder than it did yesterday and with a chance of snow.

Precipitation. Snow began in the Charlottetown area about 3:00am with about 2 cms falling by blog time. It looks like the bulk of the precip will stay over the eastern half of the island. More snow expected with the new low on Wednesday giving a possible 10 cms. Flurries on Thursday and Friday.More snow for the weekend.

Temperatures.. Normal today through Wednesday. Cold air invades Wednesday evening  making for a cold Thursday. Moderating temps on Friday. Mild for Saturday then a return to the cold on Sunday.

Wind..Brisk NE today, north tomorrow, NE again on Wednesday, NW on Thursday.

Hazards.. Some snow today across eastern half of the island. More snow on Wednesday.

Watches/warnings. None for PEI at this time..


Today..Light snow across Kings county,risk of freezing drizzle everywhere,  brisk NE winds, highs +1

Tonight.. Cloudy with few flurries risk of freezing drizzle, brisk north winds, lows -1

Tomorrow..Cloudy with chance of flurries, risk of freezing drizzle, brisk north winds, highs +1

Wednesday..  Snow, highs 0

Thursday.. Onshore flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -9

Friday..Sun and cloud, -3

Saturday.. Rain/snow, +2

Sunday.. Cloud, flurries, -6





Snow begins later this evening across PEI..

Sunday March 19th 6:35am.. A ridge of high pressure oriented NW-SE continues to lay across the Maritimes early this morning and is responsible for the clear skies and calm winds. This feature will drift away to the NE today meanwhile an area of low pressure has already developed off the New Jersey coast. This system will track NE passing  slowing down as it approaches the Maritimes early tomorrow then slowly moves NE tracking east of Cape Breton on Tuesday afternoon. Precipitation from this system will initially begin as snow across Kings county later this evening changing over to freezing ran and ice pellets by Monday morning then rain during the day. The precip could change back to snow before it ends later Tuesday. So a rather mixed bag of weather expected across the island beginning tonight. An arctic cold front is then expected to approach the region from the NW later Tuesday ushering in another blast of cold arctic air for Wednesday and Thursday. These cold NW winds blowing over any open waters of the Gulf will result in onshore flurries. High pressure crests over the island on Friday. Snow develops ahead of a warm front early Saturday morning changing over to rain as temps climb. A cool down on Sunday with a cold frontal passage.

Precipitation.. Snow begins mid/late this evening then changes over to freezing rain during the overnight hours. There still remain some uncertainty as to how much warming will take place. Some models have an extensive period of freezing rain on Monday then changing back to snow for Tuesday while others bringing the warm air and change everything over to rain. So could be a tricky commute to work on Monday morning. Everything back to snow by Tuesday then ends as flurries . Flurries continue into Wednesday and Thursday. Friday looks dry then snow begins early Saturday changing over to rain. Flurries on Sunday.

Temperatures..Normal today through Tuesday. Arctic air arrives late Tuesday evening. Cold for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Warm up on Saturday cold again on Sunday.

Wind.. Calm winds now  will become light easterly by noon then increase to brisk NE for tomorrow then northerly on Tuesday. Cold NW winds on Wednesday through Friday.

Hazards.. Accumulating snow begins this evening and changes over to freezing rain overnight then rain on Monday although Precip could stay as freezing rain. Everything back to snow by Tuesday. The drive to work on Monday morning could be interesting.

Watches/warnings.. Special weather statement in effect for all of PEI.


Today.. Sunny start, increasing clouds, light east winds, highs +1

Tonight.. Snow begins later this evening changing to ice pellets and freezing rain, brisk east winds, lows -1

Tomorrow.. Freezing rain/rain, brisk NE winds, highs +1

Tuesday.. Snow, North winds, highs 0.

Wednesday.. Flurries, -11

Thursday..Flurries,  -8

Friday… Sunny, -4

Saturday.. Snow to rain, +5

Sunday.. Flurries, -7