Tuesday, October 23rd 8:00am..  A ridge of high pressure currently crossing the Maritimes will give sunshine to the island this afternoon then drift off to the east. This feature will give sunshine, light winds and pleasant temps to the island today. Clouds will begin to invade the region this evening ahead of the next weather system approaching from the west. An area of low in southern Quebec will redevelop off the New England coast near Cape Cod late this evening. This system will then intensify as it moves NE and is expected to track into southern NS late tomorrow afternoon then turn northward cross PEI Wednesday nigh into Thursday morning. This system will bring a mixed bag of weather to snow across central and northwestern NB while significant rain is expected across eastern NB, NS and PEI. This system will be slow to move out of the Gulf of St Lawrence resulting in brisk W-NW for Thursday and Friday. Much cooler air will also invade the island in the wake of this system. Winds will calm down on Saturday as a ridge of high pressure crests over the island with sunshine early in the day. Clouds will once again be in the increase during the day as a low pressure system approaches from the south. This system is actually the remnants of Hurricane Willa which will strike the west coast of Mexico this morning. The remnants of Willa will cross Mexico then emerge into the Gulf of Mexico Thursday morning. The system will then turn NE developing off Cape Hatteras Saturday morning then track north and is expected to move inland across New England and eastern Quebec. The expected track of this system will of course change over the next few days but looks like another wet Sunday and Monday for the island.

Precipitation.. Rain begins just after midnight tonight tapering to showers tomorrow afternoon with amounts of 10-20 mms possible. The higher amounts down east while lower amounts up west. Flurries for Thursday and Friday. Dry Saturday. Rain begins near midnight Saturday night and continues all day Sunday changing to flurries for Monday.

Temperatures.. Slightly below normal today, slightly above normal tomorrow. Below normal Thursday through Saturday, warm-up begins on Sunday becoming above normal on Monday.

Wind.. Light west winds now will shift to easterly late this afternoon becoming brisk and gusty by dawn tomorrow. These winds will then diminish and shift to southerly tomorrow afternoon then further shifting to westerly after midnight tomorrow night. Brisk westerlies then expected for Thursday and Friday.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain beginning overnight tonight and continue tomorrow.

Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time..


  • Today.. Sunny , increasing clouds this afternoon, light west winds diminishing to calm/very light, highs 6
  • Tonight.. Rain beginning after midnight, increasing east winds becoming brisk by dawn, Temps will drop to 3 near midnight then rise to 6 by dawn tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow. Rain tapering to showers n the afternoon, brisk SE winds,peaking near noon then diminishing, highs 11
  • Thursday.. Sun and cloud, chance of flurries, brisk west winds, highs 5
  • Friday.. . Sun and cloud, chance of flurries, brisk west winds, highs 3
  • Saturday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with rain by midnight, increasing NE winds, highs 4
  • Sunday. Rain, brisk NE winds, highs 9
  • Monday.. Showers, brisk SW winds, highs 14

Showers/flurries possible early today across PEI..

Monday, October 22nd 6:40am… Onshore cloud and showers/flurries expected for the first part of today with clearing expected this afternoon as  high pressure builds in and winds shift to the SW-W. Clouds redevelop near dawn tomorrow and rain by the late evening as the next weather system approaches. This system is an area of low pressure approaching/redeveloping near Cape Cod tomorrow evening. This intensifying storm is expected to track NE along the coast of Maine by Wednesday morning then turn northward tracking through NB to be located in northern NB/Gaspe Bay area by Wednesday night. Areas west of the storm track (northern western NB ) may see their first snow event of the season while Southeastern NB, PEI and NS will see significant and rain from this system. Cooler air will then flood in behind this system as it pulls away ti the north on Thursday and Friday with onshore cloud, showers or flurries a good possibility. Sunshine and very light winds expected on Saturday as high pressure crests over the region. Sunday is now looking very interesting… A subtropical low pressure system is expected to track northeastward out of the Gulf of Mexico on Friday to be located near Cape Hatteras Saturday afternoon. This intensifying storm is then expected to continue tracking NE to towards the Maritimes for Sunday and Monday. At this time, the all so important track in still unclear. Will it stay off shore or track up through the Bay of Fundy. This has the makings to be a significant fall storm with rain and wind for the end of the week. Stay tuned..

Precipitation.. Showers or flurries, expected this morning but should taper off through the afternoon. Dry tomorrow. Rain develops late Tuesday then tapers to showers Wednesday morning giving about 5 mms then change over to flurries for Thursday and Friday. Saturday will be dry followed by a possible significant rain event for Sunday afternoon into Monday.

Temperatures.. Cool today, normal tomorrow, above normal on Wednesday followed by below normal for Thursday through Sunday.

Wind.. Light-brisk W-NW winds this morning will slowly back to SW-W tonight into tomorrow then diminish to calm by Tuesday afternoon/evening.  Increasing SE winds Tuesday evening sifting to SW Wednesday afternoon. Brisk west winds on Thursday and Friday diminishing to calm on Saturday. Increasing easterlies on Sunday as that ocean storm approaches.

Hazards.. Fairly quiet today. Wet driving conditions in rain developing tomorrow evening. For anyone planning to drive across NB into Quebec Tuesday night better keep an eye on the forecast. Possible winter driving conditions expected west of Fredericton into Edmunston and eastern Quebec late Tuesday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Cloudy with chance of showers/flurries, light-brisk W-NW winds, highs 4
  • Tonight.. Clear, light-brisk west winds, lows 1
  • Tomorrow.. Clouding over with rain be mid/late evening, calm winds to start then increasing SE winds late, highs 8
  • Wednesday.. Sun and cloud, chance of showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 13
  • Thursday.. Sun and cloud, chance of showers/flurries, brisk west winds, highs 5
  • Friday.. Sun and cloud, chance of showers/flurries, brisk west winds, highs 1
  • Saturday.. Sunny, calm winds, highs 4
  • Sunday.. Possible rain and wind developing, highs 7
  • Monday.. Possible Rain and wind, highs 10

Showers/flurries expected to develop tonight across PEI..

Sunday, October 21st 8:20am..  A cold front swept across the island overnight ans is now located over Cape Breton island. A low pressure system south of the Maritimes will now ripple NE along his frontal boundary bringing significant amounts of rain to Cape Breton and Newfoundland. PEI should escape this system. Increasing northerly winds will develop later today as the low pressure system moves by. These onshore northerly winds will spread cooler temperatures across the island as well as cloud  flurries/showers. This activity should diminish towards sunrise tomorrow as the winds shifts to a more westerly direction leaving a mix of sun and cloud. Any left over showers or flurries will be across eastern Kings county.  Skies cloud over on Tuesday as an area of low pressure approaches from New England with showers developing late afternoon. The system itself will track NE into the Bay of Fundy Tuesday night then curve northward into the Gaspe Bay region by Wednesday afternoon. The system will then slowly drift across the northern Gulf on Thursday. Initially rain will accompany this feature Tuesday night into Wednesday but then change over to flurries as cooler air invades on Thursday and Friday. The weekend is looking good especially Saturday under high pressure will sunshine and calm winds. Increasing clouds on Sunday as the next system approaches.

  • Precipitation.. Showers/flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets begin later this afternoon ending tomorrow morning. Rain develops Tuesday mid afternoon tapering to showers near noon on Wednesday. Models are hinting at 10-15 mms. Showers change to flurries for Thursday and Friday as cooler air floods in on NW winds. Dry for the weekend but models are hinting at rain developing Sunday night into Monday morning.
  • Temperatures.. Normal temps this time of year are hi 10, lo 3. Temps should be normal today, below normal tomorrow, warm-up on Tuesday. Slightly above normal on Wednesday, Chilly on Thursday. Well below normal for Friday and Saturday. Warm-up begins on Sunday.
  • Wind.. Light NW wow will increase to brisk this afternoon backing to westerly tomorrow. Winds drop off to cal Monday night into Tuesday morning then become light southerly Tuesday afternoon. Winds then increase to brisk SE Tuesday night into Wednesday morning diminishing to light-brisk SW later in the day. Light-brisk NW winds on Thursday and Friday. Calm on Saturday.
  • Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain beginning Tuesday afternoon.
  • Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time..


  • Forecast..
  • Today.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs 10
  • Tonight.. Becoming cloudy with showers/flurries/snow pellets developing especially down east, light-brisk NW winds, lows 1
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy morning with chance of a flurrie turning sunny, light-brisk W-NW winds, highs 4
  • Tuesday.. Rain developing mid afternoon, brisk-strong SE winds, developing, highs 9
  • Wednesday.. Cloudy, rain ending near noon then sun and cloud, light-brisk south winds, highs 13
  • Thursday.. Cloudy periods, chance of a shower/flurrie, brisk NW winds, highs 6
  • Friday.. Cloudy periods, chance of a flurrie, light-brisk NW winds, highs 1
  • Saturday.. Sunny, very light/calm winds, highs 3
  • Sunday… Sunny start, increasing clouds with rain late, brisk east winds developing, highs 6


Rain/wind/mild conditions expected today across PEI..

Saturday, October 20th 8:30am.. A low pressure system tracking across central Quebec this morning has spread cloud across the island with showers expected to develop later this morning. A strong cold front extending southward from this low will sweep across the island near mid morning tomorrow. Brisk-strong SW winds will also develop this morning ahead of the approaching cold front which will allow temps to climb well above normal. As mentioned, the cold front will cross the island tomorrow morning, resulting in a wind shift to the NW, cooler temps invade.. The front will stall just offshore NS tomorrow afternoon. Low pressure will develop along the stalled front and track NE east of NS into Newfoundland. This will set the stage for a significant rain event for eastern NS, Cape Breton and Newfoundland over the next couple days. The front then finally starts to move Sunday night allowing for much cooler temps to spread across the island for Monday setting the stage for some onshore flurries especially for down east areas. Very similar to yesterdays snow squalls. Ridge of high pressure swings across the Maritimes Monday night into early Tuesday morning allowing for a windshift back to the SW and warmer temps. Things then get a little interesting.. A small tight compact low pressure system will develop in the Gulf of Maine Tuesday afternoon spreading cloud and rain across the island. This new low will then intensify and track NE into the Bay of Fundy Tuesday evening then curve northward into northern NB or western PEI by Wednesday morning. This low then track northward through the Gulf towards Labrador Wednesday night into Thursday. Cold air will flood in behind this system with onshore clouds and flurries expected for both Thursday and Friday. A ridge of high pressure expected to dominate the weekend with sunshine.

Precipitation.. Showers begin today near noon becoming periods of rain this evening and ending just after midnight. The rain may linger down east as they will be closer to the NS system. Rainfall amounts today/tonight will var from 5-10 mms across Prince and Queens to as much as 15 for extreme eastern PEI. Sunday should be dry although could be a shower down east. Showers/flurries expected for Monday. Rain develops Tuesday afternoon tapering to showers Wednesday morning which change to flurries later on Wednesday. These flurries will then continue through Thursday and Friday.

Wind.. Brisk-strong south winds develop today peaking this afternoon then diminishing tonight. Light NW winds tomorrow, brisk west winds on Monday, brisk-strong SE winds, on Tuesday.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain beginning this afternoon. Brisk SW winds may cause bridge restrictions this afternoon. Another rain/wind event possible Tuesday evening/night.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time..


  • Today.. Cloudy, rain developing near noon, brisk-strong SW winds, highs 15
  • Tonight.. Rain at times heavy ending near midnight then partial clearing, brisk SW winds, lows 7
  • Tomorrow.. Sun and cloud, chance of a shower down east, light NW winds, highs 10
  • Monday.. Cloudy with showers/flurries, brisk west winds, highs 4
  • Tuesday.. Rain developing, brisk-strong SE winds, highs 9
  • Wednesday.. Cloudy with showers, light-brisk SW winds, highs 9
  • Thursday.. Onshore cloud and flurries, brisk NW winds, highs 4
  • Friday.. Onshore cloud and flurries. Could even be some accumulation on ground at dawn. brisk NW winds, highs 3
  • Saturday.. Sunny, 10
  • Sunday.. Sunny, 10

Turning warmer tonight/tomorrow across PEI..

Friday, October 19, 6:50am.... Brisk NW winds will slowly diminish today as a ridge of high pressure approaches crosses the island. Clouds will then begin to spread across the island as a warm from approaches. This feature along the ridge of high pressure will result in a wind shift to the SW which will also see a moderation in the temperature. Another strong low pressure system will be tracking across northern Quebec on Saturday which should spread some showers across the island beginning near noon along with very mild air for this time of year. The associated cold front will then sweep across the Martimes near dawn Sunday morning bring a return of the colder air on W-NW winds.  Low pressure will then develop along this front as it moves off the coast of NS. This new low will then move NE as it ripple along the frontal zone later Saturday. Heavy rains associated with this new system will effect eastern PEI and Cape Breton overnight Saturday night into Sunday morning. Cold W-NW winds will continue Sunday and Monday as high pressure slips south of the Maritimes over the mid Atlantic states. These winds will give cloud and showers/flurries where they blow onshore (eastern PEI, Cape Breton). Skies cloud over later Monday as the next weather system approaches from the west  with rain beginning Tuesday afternoon. Winds increase and along with a steady rain Tuesday night as the low intensifies as it tracks across central NB into the southern Gulf of St Lawrence. This new storm system then lingers over the Gulf through the day on Wednesday with wind, cloud and showers expected. Cloud, wind and showers/flurries then continue Thursday and Friday as the system pulls away and high pressure builds in from the west.

Precipitation.. Could be a left over flurrie down east this morning but a drying trend for today.  Showers begin near noon tomorrow possibly becoming heavy at times for eastern Kings county where 15-20 mms possible. This will all depend on how close this low tracks to Cape Breton. Western PEI may escape the rain completely. Lefty over showers on W-NW winds for Sunday will change to flurries Sunday evening as temps fall. Monday is looking cloudy but dry. Rain begins Tuesday afternoon which continues all night tapering to showers by Wednesday morning. This system could give another 15-20 mms province wide. Showers continue Wednesday changing to flurries for both Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures.. Cool again today, warming trend begins overnight tonight with temps actually rising after midnight. Tomorrow will be well above normal followed by a return to normal for Sunday. Cool on MOnday then another warm-up for Tuesday. Cool down for Wednesday through Saturday.

Wind.. Brisk W-NW winds will diminish today then shift to SW this evening. These SW winds increasing to brisk-strong by noon tomorrow. Wind shift to the NW occurs near dawn Sunday morning and continue through Monday. Southerlies develop on Tuesday.

Hazards.. Rather quiet today.. Wet driving condition sin rain beginning near noon tomorrow. Heavier rain possible tomorrow night down east. Strong winds expected to develop early tomorrow morning which may cause bridge restrictions.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Sun and cloud, more cloud down east, diminishing W-NW winds, highs 4
  • Tonight.. Cloudy, increasing south winds, temps rising to 10 by sunrise
  • Tomorrow.. Showers developing near noon, brisk-strong south winds, highs 14
  • Sunday.. Sun and cloud, brisk NW winds, highs 9
  • Monday.. Cloudy, brisk west winds, highs 5
  • Tuesday.. Rain beginning near noon, brisk SE winds, highs 11
  • Wednesday.. Cloudy, showers, brisk NW winds, highs 6
  • Thursday.. Cloudy, flurries brisk north winds, highs 3
  • Friday.. Cloudy, flurries brisk north winds, highs 3
  • Weekend.. Sunny, 10


Cold, windy, showers/flurries expected today across PEI.

Thursday,October 18th 6:50am.. A strengthening area of low pressure located over the northern Gulf of St Lawrence will continue to move today towards Newfoundland. Winds will increase to become brisk-strong NW this morning which will result in onshore showers developing. These showers will change over to flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets this morning as temps fall. Friday will be windy and cold across the island with ant left over snow showers confined to eastern Kings county. A ridge of high pressure will crest over the region Friday afternoon which will result in the winds backing to the SW-W. Clouds will begin thicken up later Friday as a warm front approaches with rain developing early Saturday. An area of low pressure will then develop along the front early Sunday over southern NS. This new low will then intensify and track NE into Cape Breton during the day enhancing rainfall across the island especially during the afternoon on Sunday. This system begins to pull away Sunday evening with any left over showers changing to flurries as colder air invades.  begins to build in for MOnday but again NW winds will result in showers/flurries for eastern sections where these winds blow onshore. Clouds and rain return Tuesday  as a storm system intensifies over the Maritimes. Left over showers on Wednesday then sunshine for Thursday and Friday.

Precipitation.. Showers changing to flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets this morning ending early tomorrow morning. Western PEI will fair the best with more sunshine than cloud where as eastern PEI will see more cloud/flurries. Basically dry tomorrow. Showers develop afternoon tapering to showers Sunday afternoon then to flurries Sunday evening. Dry for Monday, More rain begins Tuesday afternoon tapers to showers Wednesday morning. Dry for Thursday and Friday.

Temperatures.. Cold today and tomorrow. One-day warm-up on Saturday which extends into early Sunday. Cool down Sunday afternoon, cold Monday. Normal for Tuesday. Cold Wednesday then normal on Thursday.

Wind.. Increasing NW winds today becoming brisk-strong through the afternoon. Diminishing NW winds on Friday shifting to SW late Friday evening. Increasing SW winds on Saturday becoming brisk-strong through the afternoon shifting to NW Sunday morning. Brisk west winds continue on Monday becoming southerly on Tuesday.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in showers/flurries today. Windy conditions may cause restrictions on the bridge this afternoon/evening.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Cloudy with showers, flurries, ice pellets. Brisk-strong NW winds, highs 3
  • Tonight.. Cloudy with chance of showers, flurries, ice pellets. Brisk NW winds, lows 0
  • Tomorrow.. Sunny west, cloudy east becoming sunny, brisk west winds, highs 4
  • Saturday.. Cloudy with showers developing, brisk south winds, highs 15
  • Sunday.. Morning rain tapering to showers through the afternoon, brisk NW winds, highs 10 in the morning  then falling through the afternoon to 5 by suppertime.
  • Monday.. Sun and cloud, west winds, highs 5
  • Tuesday.. Rain developing, brisk south winds, highs 10 by evening
  • Wednesday.. Showers ending, NW winds, highs 5
  • Thursday..  Sunny, 8
  • Friday.. Sunny, 8

Showers redeveloping this afternoon across PEI..

Wednesday, October 17th 6:30am.. A strong fall storm moved across the northern Gulf of St Lawrence yesterday which resulted in the wind and rain. This system is now east located off the east coast of Newfoundland and continues to move away. A weak ridge of high pressure is now cresting over the island as it also moves east across the Maritimes. This feature should give some sunshine to the island for a few hours this morning but skies will cloud over this afternoon as another cold front approaches from the west with showers developing towards mid/late afternoon. The frontal passage occurs this evening with a wind shift to the west. This will usher in the coldest air of the season so far resulting in showers changing to flurries snow pellets/ice pellets by dawn tomorrow which will then continue all day Thursday.  Some sunshine expected on Friday as a ridge of high pressure crests over the island. Clouds thicken up again later Friday as the next weather system approaches. This system will be much like yesterday ‘s storm passing across the northern Gulf later Friday accompanied by rain and strong winds. The associated cold front sweeps across the island near dawn on Sunday morning which will be accompanied by a wind shift to the NW resulting in falling temperatures and showers changing to flurries as the cold air returns. Clearing skies on Monday as a ridge of high pressure moves across. A warm-up accompanied by clouds and rain develop on Tuesday.

Precipitation.. Showers develop mid afternoon today changing to flurries by dawn tomorrow. Flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets then continue off and on through the day especially down east. Friday generally dry. Showers develop near noon on Saturday becoming heavy at times Saturday night tapering back to showers near dawn on Sunday then to flurries. Dry MOnday. Rain on Tuesday.

Temperatures.. Slightly below normal today, cold tomorrow and Friday. Warm-up on Saturday, cool down on Sunday, cold Monday, warm-up on Tuesday.

Wind.. Light west winds increasing to brisk W-NW later this afternoon further increasing to brisk-strong NW tomorrow. Diminishing NW winds on Friday. Winds shift to SW on Saturday increasing to brisk-strong by evening shifting to the west near dawn on Sunday morning with the cold frontal passage. Brisk westerlies continue Sunday into Monday.

Hazards. Wet driving conditions in showers beginning this afternoon which then continues overnight changing to flurries/ice pellets/snow pellets by dawn tomorrow. Windy continues again tomorrow evening may result in bridge restrictions. Long range is hinting at another rain/wind event for Saturday as well.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with showers developing through the afternoon,  light-brisk southwest winds, highs 9
  • Tonight.. Cloud and showers changing to flurries by dawn, brisk west winds, lows 3
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy, flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets. Winds increasing to brisk-strong NW through the afternoon, highs 4
  • Friday.. Sunny west, cloud and few flurries down east in the morning, winds dropping off to almost calm through the afternoon, highs 4
  • Saturday.. Cloudy with rain developing near noon,  increasing SW winds, highs 13 then steady overnight.
  • Sunday.. Sunny west, cloudy flurries east brisk west winds, warmest part of the day will be sunrise with temps near 12 then falling to 6 by suppertime.
  • Monday.. Sunny, 4
  • Tuesday.. Showers, 9