Flurries expected tonight into early tomorrow across PEI..

Saturday March 28th 5:00pm.. A trough of low pressure oriented NE-SW is located east of NS this afternoon. A low pressure system located east of Cape Cod is tracking NE along this frontal trough and will spread snow across the eastern half of the Maritimes tonight. Eastern NS and eastern Cape Breton are under snowfall warnings with as much as 10 cms possible. Here on PEI, eastern Kings county has the best chance of some snow tonight and early tomorrow morning. The low pressure system will pull away to the NE tomorrow allowing high pressure to  build in for later in the day and into Sunday and early Monday. Clouds will be on the increase during the day Monday as a low pressure system approaches from the west. This system will bring some rain and snow to the area before dawn Tuesday morning. Skies clear Tuesday evening as this system pulls away to the east. High pressure is then in control for Wednesday into early Thursday with sunshine. Clouds once again begin to increase during the day Thursday as a warm from approaches from the west. Rain associated with this front should begin overnight Thursday into Friday morning.  The associated low pressure system will then pass north of the area later Friday with the cold front sweeping through Friday evening. There remains uncertainty with this system and needs watching as a potential is there for a significant rain event. High pressure briefly builds in for early Saturday then long range models are hinting at another ocean system for Sunday which will require watching as well due to its track which would keep PEI on the cold side meaning snow..

Precipitation.. Flurries or periods of snow should begin later today ending before noon tomorrow. Amounts from  just a trace up west to a few cms down east. Dry for later tomorrow through Monday evening. Light rain and or snow begins late Monday night ending Tuesday evening giving just light amounts. Dry for Wednesday through Thursday evening. Rain and or snow begins Thursday night ending Friday night. Could be sig rain Friday morning. Brief dry period Friday night into early Saturday then possible snow on Saturday night into Sunday.

Temperatures.. Cool down tonight, cool tomorrow, Normal for Monday and Tuesday, cool for Wednesday, normal for Thursday, Mild for Friday.

Wind.. Brisk northerly tonight, light westerlies tomorrow, light-brisk  southerlies on Monday, light SW on Tuesday,

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards… Local ponding of water on roads due daytime melting and freezing of this water during the night.


Tonight.. Overcast with flurries or light snow especially eastern regions, local blowing and drifting snow, Brisk north winds, lows -7 (wind chills -13)

tomorrow.. flurries ending in the morning then clearing, diminishing NW winds, highs 0

Monday… Sunny start clouding over with light snow by midnight, light-brisk south winds, highs 4

Tuesday.. Snow or rain showers, SW winds, highs +1

Wednesday.. Sunny, light-brisk NW winds, highs -1

Thursday.. Sunny start increasing clouds with snow by midnight, +1

Friday… Rain

Saturday.. Sunny

Sunday.. Snow

Turning colder tonight across PEI..

Friday March 27th 6:00pm.. A trough of low pressure crossed the island last night and has now stalled just off the east coast of NS.Temperatures will begin to drop across the island now that the north winds has developed.  A couple of  low pressure systems will then ripple NE along this stalled frontal boundary spreading snow across eastern regions of the Maritimes over the next 24-36 hours. In fact snowfall warnings may be required for eastern NS and eastern Cape Breton tomorrow as this low pressure system tracks by. Here on PEI, eastern Kings county will have the best chance to see some snow tomorrow. High pressure will slide by south of the region on Sunday and early Monday giving sunshine and seasonal temperatures. Clouds will be on the increase later Monday as a low pressure system approaches from the west. This system should pass just north of the island early Tuesday bringing a mix of rain and west snow. High pressure returns for Wednesday then watching a potential rain maker on Thursday. Models are handling this system differently so will just watch for now..

Precipitation.. Chance of a shower this evening. Flurries develop tomorrow morning ending near midnight tomorrow night. Amounts are expected to be light with only a trace up west and maybe 2-5 cms down east. Will need to watch the track of the couple of low pressure systems on Saturday as a more westerly track will spread more snow across the island. Dry for Sunday and Monday then wet snow or rain Monday night into Tuesday. Dry for Wednesday then a potential significant rain event begins on Thursday.

Temperatures. Begin to cool down this evening dropping to -3 by dawn tomorrow then hold steady near -4 tomorrow. Temperatures then near normal through the remainder of the period.

Wind.. Brisk north winds tomorrow, light NW on Sunday, Light-brisk southerlies on Monday, light SE on Tuesday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards.. wet roads will freeze over tonight as temps fall below zero. Brisk winds and some light snow tomorrow will give some local blowing and drifting snow especially down east where more snow is expected.


Tonight.. Cloudy, brisk North winds develop after midnight, temps fall to -3 by dawn.

Saturday.. Cloudy with some light snow, brisk north winds giving local blowing and drifting snow, temps steady near -4 (Windchills -10 dropping to -15 by evening)

Sunday.. Sunny,  diminishing NW winds, highs 0

Monday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy during the day, light-brisk south winds,  highs +2

Tuesday.. Rain or snow,

Wednesday.. Sunny

Thursday.. Potential rain event. !!

Rain expected tonight across PEI..

Thursday March 26th 9:00am.. An area of low pressure currently located in central Quebec will continue moving NE today passing well north of the Maritimes. A warm front extending SE from this feature is currently crossing the Maritimes and giving some light snow. The snow should end or change over to rain showers as temps climb and the front moves east. Secondary low pressure will develop in southern New England later today and is expected to move across the Gulf of Maine during the overnight hours tonight then across southern NS near dawn tomorrow. More organized are of rain will spread across the island tonight then change over to light snow near noon tomorrow as cooler air floods in. Snow should then end tomorrow evening. A frontal boundary will be stalled off the coast on Saturday and should be far enough east to only give us some cloud. High pressure builds in for later Saturday through early Monday giving fair weather. Low pressure will again approach from the west Monday night spreading some light snow into early Tuesday. High pressure returns for Wednesday..

Precipitation.. Some light snow possible for the next couple hours then basically dry. Rain spreads across the island by mid evening ( 9:00pm) changing to periods of snow near noonish tomorrow giving amounts in the 10-15 mm range. Could be higher down east due to closer to the track of the low. As mentioned, the rain will change back to snow near noon tomorrow with up west being the first to see the changeover a couple hours earlier. Snow should end tomorrow evening with amounts in the 2-4 cms range. Few onshore flurries expected on Saturday. Dry for Sunday and most of Monday. Light snow begins again late Monday ending Tuesday morning. Bit too early for details on amounts but models are hinting at 5-10 cms.

Temperatures.. Turning mild today and tonight into early tomorrow. Cool down begins near noon tomorrow. Cold on Saturday especially with the brisk north winds. Bit warmer on Sunday under Sunshine and lighter winds. Milder for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Wind.. Brisk SW winds today diminishing to light this evening. Winds then shift to the NNE before dawn tomorrow then increasing to light-brisk northerly during the day tomorrow. Brisk northerlies on Saturday, light-brisk NW on Sunday, Light-brisk SW on Monday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time. (Heavy rainfall warnings are in effect for parts of southern and eastern NS) so the heavy rain is not too far away.

Hazards.. Potential for some localized flooding and water ponding on roads later today, tonight and tomorrow due rainfall, melting snow and blocked drainage.


Today.. Overcast, periods of light snow or rain today, brisk SW winds, highs +4

Tonight.. Rain developing, light SW winds shifting to NE overnight, temps slowly falling to +1 by dawn.

Tomorrow. Rain changing back to light snow near noon, Snow ending in the evening, light north winds increasing to light-brisk by evening, temps steady near 0

Saturday.. Cloudy with a few onshore flurries, brisk north winds, highs -7 (windchills near -15)

Sunday.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs -2

Monday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with possible snow late in the day. light-brisk SW winds, highs +2

Tuesday.. Snow ending then becoming sunny, +4

Wednesday.. Sunny +2

Sunny and mild expected across PEI today…

Wednesday March 25th 7:20am..  Another nice day expected across PEI today as a large area of high pressure currently located  in southern New England drifts eastward. This system will pass south of NS later. Clouds will begin to increase tonight ahead of a warm front approaching from the west. Precipitation will begin early Thursday either as wet snow or rain showers depending on the temperatures but should change over to showers as temperatures climb. A second low pressure system will then move into the Maritmes overnight Thursday into Friday morning bringing a more organized area of rainfall. This system will then move across Cape Breton before noon on Friday bringing an end to the steadier rain. The frontal system then stalls just off the coast for Saturday putting PEI on the cold side. Another area of low pressure then ripples up the stalled frontal boundary pushing some snow across the island during the day Saturday. Cold high pressure then slides by to the south of the Maritmes for Sunday and Monday.

Precipitation.. Few flurries possible early tomorrow morning changing to a few rain showers near noon. Organized rain begins tomorrow evening changing to snow near noon on Friday as cooler air floods in behind the system over Cape Breton. Rainfall amounts of 10-15 mms possible. Light snow continues for the remainder of Friday but only light amounts are expected. A more organized area of snow expected on Saturday ending Saturday night giving 5 cm or so. Dry conditions expected for Sunday and Monday.

Temperatures… Normal today under strong sunshine. Mild tomorrow, slow cool down begins near noon Friday, Below normal for Saturday and Sunday, normal for Monday through Wednesday.

Wind.. Light westerlies today shifting to southerlies tonight increasing to brisk southerlies on Thursday then diminishing to almost calm late tomorrow night into Friday morning as the low pressure system crosses the island. Winds then shift to the NW behind this system near noon Friday increasing to brisk NE on Saturday. Light westerlies on Sunday, southerlies on Monday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards.. Snow melt today will cause local ponding of water on roads. Rainfall tomorrow night into Friday morning combined with snow melt will give more ponding of water in low lying areas.


Today.. Sunny, light west winds, highs +1

Tonight..Increasing clouds, light south winds, lows -8 before midnight then warming up due cloud cover and south winds to -3 by dawn.

Thursday.. Cloudy with a few flurries or rain showers, Rain beginning in the evening, brisk south winds, highs +5

Friday… Rain changing to periods of snow near noon, light south winds shifting to northerly near noon, morning temps near +2 falling to -1 by suppertime.

Saturday.. The worst day of this period… Snow (5 cms), brisk NE winds giving local blowing and drifting snow, temps near -8 ( windchills near -15).

Sunday.. Sunny, light west winds, -2

Monday.. Sunny, light south winds, highs +3

A couple of nice early Spring days ahead for PEI..

Tuesday March 24th 6:00am.. A large area of high pressure located over southern Ontario/southern Quebec this morning will drift eastward today passing south of the Maritmes early Wednesday morning giving a couple of nice late winter/early spring days across the region. Things begin to change Wednesday night  as a warm front approaching from the west pushes cloud over the region. Rainshowers should begin Thursday afternoon along with mild temperatures.  A second low pressure system will then move into the region on Friday bringing a more significant rain event threat to the island. This area of low pressure then stalls off the coast for the weekend. The models are unsure where this system will stall so the weekend remains a bit of a question mark right now.

Precipitation.. Basically dry today and tomorrow. Rain showers should begin Thursday afternoon becoming heavier and more widespread Thursday night into Friday giving a potential significant rainfall threat. This system pulls off the coast and cooler air returns on Saturday with a possible change back over to some light snow.

Temperatures...Just slightly below normal for today and tomorrow but the strong late March sunshine should make it feel warmer. Mild for Thursday and Friday, cool down for Saturday. Coolish for Sunday then more seasonal for the beginning of next week.

Wind.. light W/NW today and tomorrow shifting to SE later tomorrow. Brisk south winds on Thursday, brisk NE on Friday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.

Hazards... Strong sunshine today will lead to some snow melt with ponding of water on roads. The possible heavy rainfall on Thursday night into Friday will bring another flooding threat.


Today.. Sunny, light W/NW winds, highs -2

Tonight.. Clear, light west winds, lows -14

Wednesday… Sunny clouding over late in the day, light SW winds, highs 0

Thursday.. Showers, brisk South winds, highs +5

Friday.. Rain ending, brisk NE winds, temps slowly falling from a high of +2 on the morning.

Saturday.. Flurries

PEI digs out AGAIN !!

Monday March 23rd 8:00am.. Good morning and welcome to the middle of February! The storm system responsible for the snow and wind is now located  in Labrador and will slowly move away to the NE today meanwhile an area of high pressure located south of Hudson’s Bay will drift eastward today to lie over NS Tuesday evening. The brisk SW winds will slowly diminish today and tonight as the low moves away and the high approaches. Actually Tuesday and Wednesday are looking real nice for PEI. A low pressure system is then expected to approach from the west late Wednesday passing just north of PEI during the day on Thursday bringing rain and mild temperatures. A second low pressure system is then expected to move into the Maritimes on Friday bring another threat of heavy rain and mild temperatures. A cold front will then sweep across the region on Friday night bringing an end to the rain and mild temps. The weekend is looking questionable as the front that crosses Friday night is expected to stall off the coast for the weekend. Several waves of low pressure are then expected to track NE along this stalled frontal boundary. If this boundary stalls further east then we are looking at sunshine, if the boundary stalls close the coast then stormy weather. Will know more over the next few days.

Precipitation.. Maybe an odd flurrie today but generally dry through Wednesday night. Some light snow or rain develops Thursday morning ending Thursday evening. More rain (Heavy) develops on Friday ending Friday night. Weekend is a big question mark.

Temperatures… Below normal today through Wednesday.. Mild for Thursday and Friday..

Wind.. Slowly diminishing SW winds today becoming light before dawn tomorrow and calm by tomorrow evening. Light westerlies on Wednesday. Light-brisk southerlies for Thursday and Friday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time..

Hazards.. Brisk SW winds today will continue to give local blowing snow especially in rural areas today. White-outs on north-south roads with high snow banks.  For Friday….. Possible heavy rain event with a potential for flooding.. Take precautions now.


Today.. Cloudy periods, brisk SW winds giving local blowing and drifting snow, highs -5.

Tonight.. Few clouds, light-brisk SW winds, lows -10

Tuesday.. Sunny, light SW winds, highs -4

Wednesday.. Sunny clouding over late in the day, light west winds, highs -1

Thursday.. Light rain, light-brisk south winds, highs +5

Friday.. Rain (Heavy ??), light-brisk south winds, highs +5

Weekend.. ???

More snow for PEI today..

Sunday, March 22nd 9:00am.. An intensifying area of low pressure is located along the east coast pf Cape Breton this morning and moving northward to be located in the northern Gulf of Saint Lawrence near Anticosti island by this evening. Snow will taper to flurries later today as the system pulls away but brisk-strong Westerly winds will develop giving blowing and drifting snow right into tomorrow afternoon. Much colder temperatures will also flood across the island beginning near noon today giving low wind chill values today, tonight and tomorrow. A large area of high pressure located in western Ontario will drift eastward and should pass just south of the Maritimes Wednesday morning bringing. All interests then shift to the west late Wednesday as an area of low pressure approaches. This system is expected to pass north of the island on Thursday putting us on the warm side and this a rain event is expected as well as very mild temperatures. The low pressure system is then expected to stall off the Atlantic coast of NS for Friday giving another possible rain and/or snow event to the region. This will need watching as the models are quite sure as to where this system stalls.

Precipitation.. Ok.. Rain and freezing rain overnight changed back to snow about 4 am in the Charlottetown area with about 6 mms rain recorded.  Snowfall of 6 cms was also recorded by 8 am with another 5-10 expected. Snow should taper  to flurries by late this afternoon with flurries persisting into tomorrow morning. Dry conditions then expected for later Monday through Wednesday.Looks like rain developing late Wednesday and continuing into Thursday with significant amounts possible. Friday is a question mark right now.

Temperatures.. Mild this morning but temps will begin to fall by noon today dipping to -8 by suppertime, -13 by midnight. Cold tomorrow morning but temps should climb to -6 by suppertime. Low wind chills tonight /tomorrow morning near -25. Tuesday and Wednesday still look a little below normal then a warm-up for Thursday.

Wind.. Light northerlies this morning increasing and shifting to brisk-strong NW/W by noon today and continue into tomorrow morning. Diminishing Westerlies later tomorrow to light on Tuesday. Light winds on Wednesday shifting to southerlies on Thursday.

Watches/warnings.. Officially snowfall warning remains in place for Prince county with 10-15 cms expected but 10-15 cms also the official forecast for Charlottetown area with out a warning in place.. Anyway…. a total of 10-15 cms is expected province wide

Hazards.. Brisk-strong West winds later today tonight and early tomorrow will once again give low visibilities in the highways in rural areas in extensive blowing and drifting snow. Cold wind chills will also make for hazardous shoveling later today, tonight and early tomorrow with values near -25.                 Next system…..Thursday could see a real and significant flooding risk to the island. TAKE APPROPRIATE  ACTIONS NOW BY CLEANING AWAY SNOW FROM DOWN SPOUTS, GUTTERS AND AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE. Make sure sump pump is in working condition and hose is clear. Ensure there is a place for the water to run (away from the house)..


Today… Snow tapering to flurries later this afternoon, brisk-strong west winds, temps near 0 then falling to -9 by suppertime.

Tonight.. Flurries, brisk-strong west winds giving blowing and drifting snow, cold with temps falling to -13 by midnight, -15 by dawn. wind chills near -25

Monday.. Cloudy periods, brisk-strong west winds giving blowing and drifting snow, temps rising to -6 by suppertime. wind chills near -25 for a few hours after sunrise.

Tuesday.. Cloudy periods, light west winds, highs -2

Wednesday.. Sunny, becoming cloudy with rain possible by midnight.

Thursday.. Rain