Flurries expected today and tonight across PEI.

Saturday January 21st  8:00am..  Weak high pressure located over the region this morning is not doing much for the cloud and flurries. The airmass is fairly moist in the low levels and is responsible for this activity. A weak cold front will cross the region tonight giving more cloud and a few flurries. High pressure will then approach from the west later tomorrow and pass north of the region on Monday. We should get some sunshine from this feature. All interests then shift their focus to the mid Atlantic coast as a low pressure system develops off the New Jersey coast very early Monday morning. The system is then expected to intensify and turn NE tracking into the Bay of Fundy early Wednesday morning then across PEI just before noon then into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in the early afternoon. This system will bring a wintery mic of rain/freezing rain/ice pellets and snow to the Maritimes. The snow confined to northern NB/Gaspe Bay region. Ice pellets and freezing rain to NB and western PEI, Rain to NS and central/eastern PEI. Wind will also play a role with strong winds peaking Tuesday night then dropping off as the “EYE” crosses Wednesday morning then picking up again Wednesday afternoon. It will remain a bit unsettled for Thursday and Friday with cloud and chance of flurries.

Precipitation.. Basically light flurrie activity today then again tonight. Tomorrow should be dry. Freezing rain begins near noon on Tuesday and changes to rain during the afternoon. The big question mark is the duration of the freezing rain. Up west appears to have the best chance at an extended period diminishing as we move toward the eastern end of the island. Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement regarding this and can be found on their website later Tuesday into Wednesday with as much as 30 mms possible.

Temperatures.. Bit of a mild spell with temps expected to be at or slightly above normal today through Monday. Warm-up Tuesday night and staying above normal into Saturday.

Wind.. Light SW winds this morning veering to Westerly this afternoon then NW-N tonight behind the cold front. Very light northerlies tomorrow and Monday. Easterlies develop very early Tuesday morning increasing to brisk-strong through the day peaking Tuesday evening with gusts to 80 KMH. Winds drop off after midnight as the center of the low crosses the island Wednesday morning. Winds then shift to the west increasing brisk-strong during the afternoon. Diminishing westerlies on Thursday.

Hazards.. Light snow today and tonight. Freezing rain especially for western PEI Tuesday afternoon. Significant rainfall for everyone Tuesday night into Wednesday morning.  Wind may also cause travel restrictions on the bridge beginning Tuesday afternoon.

Watches/warnings.. Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement regarding the potential for freezing rain on Tuesday which can be found on their weather website.


Today.. Cloudy with flurries, light west winds, highs -1

Tonight.. Cloudy with a few flurries,  light NW winds, lows -4

Tomorrow. Cloudy with sunny breaks , light north winds, highs 0

Monday..Mix of sun and cloud, very light north winds, highs -2

Tuesday.. Freezing rain beginning near noon changing to rain, brisk-strong East winds, highs +7 by late evening.

Wednesday.. Rain ending, brisk winds, +5

Rather quiet weather expected across PEI next few days..

Friday January 20th 9:35am..A large ridge of high pressure oriented N-S currently stretches from Labrador to Cape Hattaras. This feature will drift across the Maritimes giving sunshine and light winds to the island today and tomorrow but light northerly winds may push some local cloud and few flurries onshore. A weak cold front is expected to sweep across the region tonight into early tomorrow with more cloud and chance of flurries. High pressure returns for later Sunday into Monday but light northerly winds may again push onshore cloud and few flurries across the island. All eyes then shift to the mid Atlantic coast (Derek) as low pressure develops off Cape Hattaras early Monday morning. There remains much uncertainty with the expected track and timing of this system as it intensifies and moves NE. The overall consensus is that the storm will track NE moving toward the southern NS region by Wednesday morning then across PEI Wednesday afternoon.  The issue is the exact track whether its up the Bay of Fundy then across western PEI or stays along the Atlantic coast of NS towards Cape Breton. This system right now looks to brisk mostly rain for NS, freezing rain and rain for PEI and Southeast NB but a possible significant snow event for central/northern NB. Move the track and theses precip areas shift accordingly. Will continue to watch this at any rate this storm pulls away to the north Wednesday night allowing things to wind down during the day on Thursday.

Precipitation.. Could see a few onshore flurries today and tomorrow. Few flurries associated with the cold front Saturday night into Sunday morning then could be more inshore flurries later Sunday. All these flurries only giving 1-2 cms. Monday should be dry then the fun begins with snow or freezing rain developing late Tuesday afternoon changing over to rain at times heavy Tuesday evening ending Wednesday afternoon. There could be an extended period of freezing rain on Tuesday which may be a concern. Rainfall amounts possibly in the 20 mm range.

Temperatures.. At or slightly above normal through next weekend with an above period Tuesday night into Wednesday when temps could climb into the 5-8 range depending on the track of the coastal storm.

Wind.. Light North winds today becoming SW tomorrow then back to the NW Sunday morning. Winds increasing to brisk NW during the day on Sunday then dropping off to calm on Monday. Increasing Easterlies on Tuesday as the coastal storm approaches peaking early Wednesday.

Hazards.. Few flurries giving some changing roads conditions.. Could be a ground drift develop on Sunday as winds pick up a bit. Freezing rain possible Tuesday afternoon/evening. Heavy rain Tuesday night.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Mix of sun and cloud, chance of a flurrie, light NW winds, highs 0

Tonight.. Cloudy periods, chance of a flurrie, light NW winds, lows -5

Tomorrow.. Mix of sun and cloud, chance of a flurrie, light SW winds, highs 0

Sunday.. Mix of sun and cloud, chance of a flurrie, brisk NW winds giving some drifting snow, highs 0

Monday.. Sunny, calm/very light winds,  highs -1

Tuesday.. Freezing rain developing changing to rain,  increasing East winds, +1 by evening.

Wednesday.. Rain, wind, +5

Thursday.. Cloudy, diminishing west winds, highs +3


Light snow expected tod

Thursday January 19th 8:25am..  A weak trough of low pressure will cross the Maritimes this today giving cloud and some light snow. An area of high pressure then crests over the island late tomorrow evening with clear skies and calm winds. Another  trough of low pressure crosses the region Saturday night into Sunday morning with more cloud and light snow. High pressure then returns later Sunday into Monday then all eyes shift to the mid Atlantic coast as an area of low pressure develops off the New Jersey coast on Tuesday. This system is expected to move up the coast Tuesday night passing along the Atlantic coast of NS on Wednesday morning. This feature will bring a surge of warm air with it so expecting a mainly rain and wind event from this noreaster but indications are that there will be a period of freezing rain and ice pellets initially which will need to be watched. As is the case of many of these storms,  the track will determine precip types, amounts and intensities and this storm is no different especially since it is still 6 days out. Will just continue to watch for now but keep in mind of a possible weather event for the island on Wednesday.

Precipitation.. Light snow has already begun in western PEI and will spread to the remainder of the Island this morning ending near noon tomorrow giving 1-2 cms. More flurries or light snow Saturday evening into Sunday afternoon giving 1-2 cms. Precipitation  starts again Tuesday afternoon as freezing rain then changes to rain at times heavy ending Wednesday afternoon with significant possible.

Temperatures..Looks like a mild spell ahead for the island especially on Wednesday of next week. Looks like back to normal for the beginning of February but not seeing any cold arctic air for at least the next 2 weeks.

Wind..Light southerlies today, northerlies tomorrow, southerlies again on Saturday then NE on Sunday. Wind event Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday. Details in upcoming posts.

Hazards.. Light snow today and Saturday evening. No real accumulations expected. Winds should remain light. Temps fairly mild so no real weather impacts expected until Tuesday afternoon.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Light snow, light south winds, highs -2

Tonight… Periods of light snow, very light winds, temps steady near -2

Tomorrow.. Light snow early then some clearing, light north winds, highs 0

Saturday.. Light snow developing in the afternoon, light south winds, highs -2

Sunday.. Flurries ending then partial clearing, light NE winds, highs -1

Monday.. Sunny, calm winds, -1

Tuesday.. Freezing rain developing, brisk-strong SE winds, highs 0

Wednesday.. Heavy rain, +8, windy

Few flurries expected today across PEI..

Wednesday January 18th 9:50am.. A ridge of high pressure stretching from southern NS northward into Labrador this morning will giving sunshine and light winds to the region today. An intensifying area of low pressure is currently located just south of Cape Cod and is expected to track East passing well south of NS tonight. A weak trough of low pressure oriented N-S is then expected to approach the Maritimes from the west tonight then cross the island during the day tomorrow. Light snow will accompany this feature. High pressure then builds in for Friday and dominates the picture through the weekend and into early next week. (Some models are hinting at a weak trough hanging back across the Maritimes Saturday night into Sunday with some light snow but will need to wait and see if this continues to be forecast in upcoming model runs) The next weather system will be a low pressure area approaches from the SW on Wednesday.

Precipitation.. Few flurries around this morning bit should diminish through the day. Light snow develops tomorrow near noon ending Friday noonish giving just a couple cms. Looks like an extended period of dry weather from Friday afternoon through Tuesday night but there is a chance of of some flurries Saturday night.

Temperatures.. Normal today then slightly above normal tomorrow through Tuesday with a chance of  well above normal on Wednesday through Friday of next week. Don’t see a return to Arctic air til the beginning of February.

Wind.. Light Easterlies today becoming SE tonight, southerlies tomorrow then shifting to NW on Friday.

Hazards.. Flurries today, light snow tomorrow afternoon into Friday morning giving a few cms. Could be more flurries Saturday night. No real hazards expected. Winds generally light.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today.. Few flurries this morning but trending sunny, light East winds, highs -3

Tonight.. Generally clear, very light SE winds, lows -11

Tomorrow…Cloudy with snow developing near noon, light south winds, highs -1

Saturday.. Sunny, becoming cloudy with evening flurries, light NW winds,  highs -1

Sunday.. cloudy with flurries, brisk north winds, highs -2

Monday.. Sunny, very light winds, -2

Tuesday.. Sunny, light SW winds, highs 0

Wednesday.. Possible rain developing, +3

Fairly quiet weather in-store for PEI..

Monday January 16th 7:30am.. A fairly quiet weather pattern ahead..A ridge of high pressure is now crossing the island and is giving the clear skies and light winds. Clouds will move in tonight as a weak cold front sweeps across the Maritimes. A few flurries may also accompany this feature. High pressure returns tomorrow. A low pressure system will come out of the Great Lakes Wednesday morning then track eastward during the day. This system  is now expected to remain well south of NS keeping the bulk of any snow offshore but a few flurries are now expected Thursday night into Friday associated with an upper air disturbance which is expected to cross the region. High is expected to return for the weekend maintaining a quite week of weather ahead.

Precipitation.. Not much precipitation expected over the next 7 days. Few flurries possible tonight with the passage of the cold front. Few onshore flurries tomorrow afternoon with the NW wind. Could see 5 cms snow Thursday night into Friday afternoon associated with the upper air disturbance.

Temperatures.. Seasonably cold today, tomorrow and Wednesday. Slightly above normal begins Thursday. No more real cold air in sight at least through to the end of the month.

Wind. With no big systems expected, I don’t anticipate any big wind events either through at least the end of the month.

Hazards.. No real hazards expected.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today. Sunny becoming cloudy later in the afternoon, brisk SW winds,  highs -6

Tonight.. Cloudy with a few flurries then clearing after midnight, brisk SW winds shifting to W-NW after midnight, temps rising to -3 late this evening then falling with the windshift to -9 by dawn.

Tomorrow.. Sunny chance of onshore clouds and flurries down east,  brisk NW winds, highs -6.

Wednesday.. Mix of sun and cloud, light east wind, -3

Thursday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with light snow be evening, light-brisk SE winds, highs +1

Friday.. Light snow ending later in the day, light SE winds, highs 0

Saturday..Sunny, +1

Sunday.. Sunny, 0


Light snow this expected morning across PEI..

Sunday January 15th 9:00am.. A trough op low pressure oriented N-S is currently located across PEI this morning and is giving the cloud and light snow to the region. This feature will continue to move eastward today allowing high pressure to build in from the west. Th ridge of high pressure should crest over the island tomorrow morning then also shift east. A fast moving low pressure system is expected to track by to the north on Tuesday giving the island a glancing blow of clouds and maybe a few flurries. High pressure approaches and crests over the island again Wednesday afternoon then all eyes shift to the mid Atlantic coast as the next weather maker develops. This system moves out of the Great Lakes Tuesday night and heads east spawning a new low to develop near Cape Cod by Wednesday morning. This new system then becomes the primary low as it tracks ENE passing south of the Maritimes Wednesday night into Thursday morning. . Here is where the fun begins. The is no consensus on the track of this system so there is a big spread amongst the various computer models as to how far south of NS it is going to track. With the track now further south, not as much warm air will push northward into the island  but on the other hand, this further south track should also keep the bulk of any rain/snow to the south over the ocean and NS. So this is still an evolving situation but the models will come to better agreement over the next few days. The long range beyond Thursday is rather wishy  washy with the various models still not in any real consensus.

Precipitation.. Light snow this morning giving a dusting to 1-2 cms ending near noon.  Another chance of flurries or light snow Monday late afternoon/early evening.  Light snow Wednesday night in to Thursday morning.

Temperatures.. Seasonably cold today, Normal for tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday. Slight above normal beginning on Thursday.

Wind.. Light-brisk SW now will shift to the NW this afternoon with the passage of the trough then back to the SW tomorrow afternoon. Winds once again shift back to the NW on Tuesday dropping off to calm Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. Southeasterlies develop Wednesday afternoon.

Hazards.. Light snow this morning.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today. Cloudy with flurries ending before noon then clearing, light-brisk SW winds shifting to NW, highs -10

Tonight. Clear, light NW winds,  lows -17

Tomorrow.. Clouding over with flurries toward evening, light-brisk SW winds, highs -4

Tuesday.. Sunny, -2

Wednesday.. Sunny, SE winds, -2

Thursday.. Light snow, 0



Moderating temps expected across PEI next few days..

Saturday January 14th 9:00am.. The cold front swept across the island yesterday (if you didn’t already know that) and brought another Arctic blast of cold air along with brisk NW winds. Some cloud and flurries are occurring where these winds blow onshore especially down east. An area of high pressure will slide by to the south of the Maritimes later this evening which will allow the winds to become more W-SW. A weak tough of low pressure will then cross the island early tomorrow bringing some cloud and chance of flurries. Temperatures will also moderate slightly. This trough moves away to the east later tomorrow allowing high pressure to return for Sunday night which should then dominate the Maritimes through Tuesday evening with quiet weather. Clouds will begin to roll in Tuesday night as the next weather system approaches from the SW. This system will come out of the Great Lakes Tuesday night and ove into Quebec Wednesday morning. A new system will then develop near Cape Cod Wednesday morning and intensify as it moves NE right into southern NS Wednesday night becoming the primary system.The storm then continues NE along the spine of NS into Cape Breton by Thursday night then into Newfoundland by Friday morning. This system is expected to bring lots of warm air so a rain event  is expected at this time. Now I must stress that this is only one scenario amongst the various computer models and there will be lots of changes to timing track and intensity which will all have an influence on how much warm air gets pulled north. So this is by no means a definite rain event. Will be able to narrow this down over the upcoming days as we get closer.So for now plan on a weather event for Wednesday night just don’t know the impacts.

Precipitation.. Chance of flurries today especially down east. Flurries for everyone tomorrow. Chane of flurries again for eastern PEI Sunday night into Monday. Wintery mix begins Wednesday afternoon.

Temperatures.. Today will be the coldest day..Temps actually climb a bit over night tonight. Cold tomorrow, seasonably cold on Monday.Slightly above normal Tuesday through the end of the period. Long range models are hinting at a warm pattern right though until the end of the month so today is most likely the coldest day for the next 3 weeks. Your welcome !!

Wind.. Diminishing NW winds today becoming more SW-W tonight.Winds shift back to the NW tomorrow afternoon behind the trough. W-NW winds then continue through Tuesday morning dropping off to calm Tuesday afternoon.

Hazards.. Cold temperatures today.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today..Cloudy periods chance of a flurrie, diminishing W-NW winds, highs -12

Tonight.. Increasing clouds, light W-SW winds,  temps rising to -8 by dawn.

Tomorrow.. Flurries, light W-NW winds, highs -6

Monday.. Chance of a flurrie, light-brisk NW winds, highs -5

Tuesday.. Sunny, -1

Wednesday.. Rain developing, wind, +2

Thursday.. Showers, +2

Friday..Cloudy, +2