2009 Tornado Alley


4 responses to “2009 Tornado Alley

  1. Hey buddy,
    Has there ever been a tornado or a damaging hailstorm in PEI? I am moving there unfortunately (as far as storms are concerned).

    • The only tornado that I recall was associated with a hurricane and occurred many years ago. Severe thunderstorms are not that common here
      but occasional we will get one with the largest hail that i have seen or heard of only pea size. No, we don’t usually get the big storms that occur in Quebec/Ontario or the Prairies..

  2. Summer of 1974 there was tornadoe that went through Sleepy Hollow area turning over several trailers in the trailer park – no injuries. Some farmers in the Mermaid area had damage to their barns and crops destroyed.
    Dark clouds, followed by heavy hail, temperature swing and heavy rainfall..followed by sun – all in a short period of time.
    Environment Canada had no listing of a tornado, however from my speaking with them in 2014 they did further research and felt an F-0 – F-1 tornado had hit PEI. Their analysis was from newspaper articles and my – and others – description/details.
    I remember the event clearly – I was doing policing duties/traffic control in the pouring rain at the trailer park in a police car which lost it’s rear window from pressure change and heavy hail !

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