Daily Archives: May 6, 2017

Raining cat and dogs across PEI.

Saturday May 6th 7:20am.. A low pressure system located in NY state this morning will become cutoff and drift slowly NE along the Saint Lawrence River Valley. A frontal system extending southward from the low will move eastward today. This will allow deep tropical moisture to stream northward resulting in a significant rainfall threat for parts of western Maritimes. Secondary low pressure is then expected to develop near Cape Cod tomorrow night which is also expected to move northward tracking through Maine and western NB Monday morning bringing another band of rain across the region. Unsettled weather continues through mod week as the upper level low lingers over eastern Canada.Actually, I am not seeing any real clearing (Sunshine) until late Friday. So a prolonged periods of cloudy wet weather ahead for the Maritimes.

Precipitation..Rain spread across the island near midnight last night and continue at times heavy today tapering to showers Sunday afternoon giving amounts in the 25-40 mm range. Amounts will tend to be higher up west. Showers then continue Monday through Friday. Looks like some sunshine for next Weekend.

Temperatures.. Warm and muggy today through Monday. Cool down for Tuesday through Friday.

Wind.. Brisk Southerly winds today through Monday shifting to easterly for Tuesday and Wednesday then NE for Thursday and Friday.

Hazards.. Rainfall giving water ponding on roads. If you are prone to water in your basement then have your sump pump ready. Anyone traveling through NB especially the Fredericton area better check the status of the roads as the Saint John river is flooding and some roads are closed.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI but rainfall watches and warnings are in effect just across the Strait in NB and NS.


Today.. Rain at time heavy, brisk south winds, highs muggy 15

Tonight.. Rain, brisk south winds, temps steady at a muggy 15

Tomorrow. Showers, brisk south winds, highs muggy 17

Monday.. Showers, brisk south winds, highs muggy 18

Tuesday.. Showers, light-brisk east winds, highs 10

Wednesday.. Showers, light-brisk east winds, highs 8

Thursday.. Showers, light-brisk NE winds, highs 8

Friday.. Clearing, 10

Saturday. Sunny, 15