Daily Archives: May 26, 2017

Rain at times heavy expected across PEI today.

Friday May 26th, 8:50am.… A low pressure system located near Cape Cod this morning is expected to track ENE passing over southwestern NS this evening then continue eastward tracking south of Newfoundland tomorrow. Rain from this system has already spread across NS and should be into PEI over the next couple hours. Conditions should improve tomorrow afternoon as the system pulls away to the east.  A ridge of high pressure crosses the Maritimes on Sunday with its associated sunshine but a frontal system is expected to set up over the region later Sunday so some cloud and showers are possible later in the day. Right now it looks like Saturday afternoon through Sunday Afternoon should be the best part of the weekend. Looks like a prolonged period of unsettled weather expected for the Maritimes beginning on Monday as a large area of low pressure slowly tracks across Hudson’s Bay. A series of impulses or energy will rotate around this system over the next few days resulting in cloud and showers across the region through late Thursday.

Precipitation.. Rain at times heavy should spread across PEI this morning tapering to showers this evening then ending near noon tomorrow. Rainfall amounts expected in the 20 mm range.  Showers are possible later Sunday afternoon then unsettled weather expected right through Thursday of next week.

Temperatures.. Should be below normal today through Monday then warming up to above normal beginning on Tuesday.

Wind..Brisk NE winds expected today through tomorrow morning dropping off to calm tomorrow night then shifting to southerlies on Sunday. Light and variable winds expected next week as a series of systems track through.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions today into tomorrow morning.  The highest tides of the month are expected this weekend and combined with the NE winds may lead to higher than normal water levels.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time but EC has issued high water advisories for the east coast of NB on the Gulf/Strait side.


Today.. Rain at time heavy, brisk NE winds, highs 10

Tonight.. Showers, light-brisk NE winds, lows 5

Tomorrow.. Showers early then clearing, light NE winds, highs 13

Sunday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with possible showers later in the day, light SE winds, highs 17

Monday.. Cloudy  with chance of showers. Light east winds, highs 13

Tuesday.. Cloudy  with chance of showers. Light-brisk South winds, highs 18

Wednesday.. Cloudy  with chance of showers. Light /variable winds, highs 19

Thursday.. Cloudy  with chance of showers.Light west winds, highs 20