Daily Archives: July 3, 2017

Chance of a shower today and tomorrow across PEI..

Monday July 3rd, 8:00am.. Skies cleared overnight across PEI with the passage of a cold front. An upper level disturbance is moving through western NB now and should move across PEI later today with some cloud and showers. A second cold front oriented NE-SW is currently located back through Quebec and is expected to cross PEI just after midnight tonight. Once these 2 systems move through, a large area of high will then dominate the weather across PEI for the Tuesday-Thursday time frame with sunshine although a few pop-up afternoon showers possible on Tuesday. Skies will begin to cloud later Thursday as the next weather system approaches. This will be in the form of a slow moving low and associated frontal system and looks to bring some rain to the region in the Friday-Sunday time frame.

Precipitation.. Some showers are falling across western NB now and should move across PEI today. These showers are associated with an upper level low. A second batch of showers possible tonight with the passage of a cold front. This cold front will usher cooler air for tomorrow which will become quite unstable with the sunshine so looking for afternoon pop-up hit and miss type showers tomorrow. Wednesday and Thursday dry. Showers begin Friday afternoon ending Sunday afternoon.

Temperatures.. Warm today, cool tomorrow then warm again for the remainder of the period.

Wind.. Light SW winds today shifting to W-NW tonight into tomorrow. Very light W-NW on Wednesday shifting to brisk SW on Thursday. Light-brisk SW winds then expected for Friday and Saturday.

Thunderstorms..  Slight chance of storms later today and tomorrow.

Hazards.. Fairly quiet, maybe some wet driving conditions in isolated showers later today and tomorrow.

Maggies Trip… Still not looking the best but forecast is still in the long range outlook.. It now looks the the rain will continue into Sunday. Departure on Friday looks cloudy with a few showers with a brisk south wind. Saturday and Sunday looks cloudy with showers, Light-brisk South winds shifting to light northerly for the boat ride back on Sunday. Temps in the 17-19 range throughout.

CBMF… This event also not looking all the best but still in the long range outlook and lots of time for changes but for right now, it is looking cloudy and wet. Light-brisk SW winds for Friday and Saturday morning shifting to northerly for Saturday evening and Sunday. Afternoon temps in the low 20’s.


Today.. Sunny with afternoon cloudy periods and chance of a shower, light-brisk SW winds, highs 27.

Tonight.. Cloudy with chance of a shower, light SW winds, lows 16

Tomorrow.. Sunny with afternoon cloudy periods, chance of an isolated shower, light NW winds, highs 18

Wednesday,, Sunny, very light west winds, highs 25

Thursday… Sunny, increasing high clouds, light-brisk SW winds, highs 25

Friday.. Cloud with showers developing, light-brisk SW winds, highs 23

Saturday,, Showers, 20

Sunday.. Rain, 24