Daily Archives: July 4, 2017

Cloud and a little cooler today across PEI..

Tuesday July 4th, 8:45am.. A North-south upper level trough of low pressure is currently located across the Maritimes this morning. This system system has brought some cloud to the region and showers are showing up on radar across central NB. This system pulls away later today allowing an area of high pressure to build on for tomorrow. Clouds begin to spread across the region on Thursday as a slow moving cold front approaches from the NW with rain developing on Friday. Models are not in agreement with respect to the weekend weather. The American model develops a low pressure system near Cape Cod and tracks it across the Maritimes on Saturday whereas the Canadian model just pushes the cold front off showers leaving a quiet weekend. So will need to watch future model runs to get a better handle on the weekend.

Precipitation.. Can’t rule out a shower today. Dry tomorrow and Thursday. Showers return on Friday. The weekend is now a bit more uncertain with the models giving different signals. Hopefully the models will behave with the next run.

Temperatures,..Today and Friday a bit on the cool side otherwise at or above normal.

Wind,. Light NW winds today dropping off to calm tonight then SW winds tomorrow increasing to brisk SW on Thursday. Diminishing winds on Friday then increasing once again for the weekend but will have to wait to see how the models handle the weekend systems to get a better handle on winds.

Thunderstorms.. nil expected.

Hazards.. Fairly quiet other than some wet driving conditions in any showers today.

Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time.

Maggies Trip.. Models are changing and diverging thus confidence has lowered. Friday looks wet for the boat ride over. The models are completely different now for Saturday/Sunday so will need to wait for the next model run to see if they begin to agree on something,

CBMF.. Friday looks wet, the weekend is now uncertain. Should have a better handle on it tomorrow.


Today.. Cloudy with chance of a shower later this afternoon, light SW winds, highs 20

Tonight.. Clear, calm winds, lows 10

Tomorrow.. Sunny, very light winds, highs 24

Thursday..Sunny, brisk SW winds, highs 25

Friday… Rain, Light-brisk south winds, highs 19

Saturday.. ?? cloudy with showers,  ?????

Sunday.. ????