Turning colder again for today and tomorrow for PEI followed by a significant warm-up on Thursday..

Tuesday, January 9th 8:30am..  A weak area of low pressure approached form the west last night and is now located just north of the island. This system gave the light snow to the island overnight. Temps climbed to just below the freezing mark but has since dropped as the associated cold front moved through about2 hour ago. This low will intensify as it continues east toward Newfoundland resulting in an increase in the westerly winds. The snow that has recently fallen is quite light and dry which will lead to some extensive blowing and drifting snow once the wind picks up later this morning. An area of high pressure located on western Ontario will move east and should crest over the island tomorrow evening then things start to get really interesting. A warm front will lift north of the island on Thursday resulting in cloud and showers along with mild temperatures. Steady rain develops on Friday as the front sags south again and low pressure approaches from the SW. The low itself moves across the Maritimes on Saturday with a significant freeing rain threat for the island. Clearing trend on Sunday as the low loves NE and high pressure builds in.

Precipitation.. I recorded about 6 cms snow here in the New Haven area from yesterday evening and overnight. There is a chance of flurries today tonight and tomorrow once the brisk winds pick up. Showers develop on Thursday then steady rain Friday evening. This rain will transition over to freezing rain before dawn on Saturday ending Saturday evening. Flurries on Sunday and Monday.

Temperatures.. Will cool down today and and remain chilly for tomorrow. Temps then begin to rise overnight tomorrow night becoming above normal for Thursday and Friday in fact temps could climb into the double digits Friday evening. Temps will then fall overnight Friday night falling back below zero by dawn on Saturday change the rain over to freezing rain.Normal temps for Sunday and Monday.

Wind. Winds have shifted to the NW now with the passage of the cold front. Increasing NW winds today as the low intensifies over Newfoundland. Brisk WNW winds continue tonight and tomorrow dropping off to calm tomorrow evening. Southerlies develop late tomorrow evening. Brisk southerlies for Thursday and Friday shifting to NE on Saturday.

Hazards.. Blowing and drifting snow may become an issue today and continue tonight into tomorrow. Rain will become an issue later Friday as the ground is frozen, Very little snow pack to absorb this rain so local street flooding may be a concern. There is a real threat for a freezing rain event (ice storm) Friday night into Saturday which could lead to power issues.

Watches/warnings.. A special weather statement has been issued by Environment Canada identifying both he rain event on Friday and possible freezing rain event on Saturday.


Today.. Cloudy periods, chance of a flurrie, brisk WNW winds developing giving blowing and drifting snow, highs -2

Tonight.. Cloudy periods, chance of a flurrie, brisk WNW winds, giving blowing and drifting snow, lows -14

Tomorrow.. Sunny, light-brisk West winds, highs -12

Thursday..Cloudy chance of showers, brisk winds, highs +3

Friday.. Rain developing becoming freezing rain late, brisk south wind,s highs +11

Saturday.. Freezing rain, NE winds, highs -1

Sunday. Flurries, -2

Monday.. Flurries, -5


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