Daily Archives: May 3, 2018

Remaining cool today across PEI…

Thursday, May 3rd 7:30am.. A warm front approached the island yesterday from the NW resulting in showers and thundershowers late in the day. Temps also soared into the high teens during the afternoon as the warm front was still actually located north of the island. This front sagged south and is now located in an east-west fashion across central NS/NB. Temperatures right now in Charlottetown and Moncton are a chilly 3 and 4 while Halifax is still mild at 14 degrees as they are still on the warm or south side of the front. This front will continue to drop south then stall somewhere across southern NS today then begin to lift north again as an area pf low pressure approaches from the west. Temperatures will turn milder again once this front moves north of the island but unfortunately rain will spread across the region as the low pressure system approaches tonight. Another low pressure system will move put of the Great Lakes tracking across Gaspe Penn overnight Friday into Saturday morning bringing another round of rain to the island. Dryer cooler air builds in behind this system for later Saturday into early Sunday.  Clouds will be be on the increase later Sunday as a weak area of low pressure moves up the US coast towards NS. This system may bring some showers later in the day into early Monday but will all depend on how close this system tracks to NS.  Behind this system, a large area of high pressure will be approaching from the west and promises to give several days of dry weather through mid week.

Precipitation.. The first round of rain is over. Showers will redevelop tonight as the front begins to move north again and low pressure approaches ending by noon tomorrow. Rain will redevelop again Friday evening as theat2nd area of low pressure approaches ending before dawn Saturday morning. Could see a 3rd round of rain Sunday night into early Monday morning but that will depend on how close that coastal system comes. Dry continues should then prevail Monday afternoon through at least Friday..

Temperatures.. After a warm day yesterday, temperatures began to fall during the mid/late evening as the front dropped south of the island. We are still in that cool air today. Temps should begin to recover tomorrow morning as that front shifts north again. Temps should then be above normal beginning on Saturday except on Monday when we could see another cool day in the wake of that coastal system. so cool today and Monday, otherwise at or above normal.

Wind.. Light-brisk NE winds today becoming SE tonight. SE winds tomorrow increasing to brisk-strong SW-W on Saturday. Light southerlies on Sunday shifting to light-brisk northerlies on Monday. Southerlies Tuesday.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in any rainfall.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


Today..  Cloudy, light-brisk NE winds, highs 7

Tonight.. Cloudy rain developing this evening, winds becoming SE, lows 3

Tomorrow.. Rain ending early then cloudy. Rain redeveloping late, SE winds, highs 12

Saturday.. Rain ending before dawn, then mix of sun and cloud… Windy !!! Brisk-strong West winds, highs 17

Sunday.. Cloudy with possible rain later in the day,  south winds developing, highs 17

Monday.. Possible rain early ending, Light-brisk north winds, cool!!!!! highs only near 8

Tuesday.. Sunny, light south winds, highs 14

Wednesday.. Sunny, 12