Rain at times heavy today tonight into tomorrow morning across PEI..

Wednesday, September 26th 7:00am.. Rain developed overnight across the island ahead of a low pressure system approaching from the west. This system is now located in southern Quebec and is tracking NW which will take this intensifying storm up through Labrador tomorrow. Brisk-strong southerly winds and heavy rain ahead of this system are expected today and tonight with a risk of thunderstorms. Tomorrow morning, the associated cold front will sweep across the island bringing an end to the rain and a wind shift to the NW. Cooler high pressure then builds in from the west with diminishing NW winds. This feature should crest over the island near dawn on Friday then drift away to the east. A weak system passing by southern NS will keep skies cloudy for Friday with a chance of a showers especially down east. Another cold front will be approaching from the west on Saturday and should cross the island Saturday evening with cloud and chance of showers. Another cool area of high pressure builds in from the west cresting over the island on Monday morning. Another quick moving cold front moves through Monday afternoon with some cloud and showers. High pressure returns for Tuesday . Clouded and rain begin on Wednesday as a warm front approaches.

Precipitation.. Rain at time heavy today and tonight ending tomorrow near breakfast with amounts in the 15-25 mm range. Chance of a shower on Friday as that weak system passes by southern NS. The best chance for showers will be eastern Kings.  Next chance for showers will be Saturday evening then again Monday evening. Rain develops Wednesday evening.

Temperatures.. Will be on the increase today peaking overnight tonight into early tomorrow then falling mid morning with the passage of the cold front. Temps then will be slightly below normal for the remainder of the period.

Wind.. Brisk-strong south winds developing today then continue tonight shifting to NW mid morning tomorrow then diminish. Light east winds on Friday, light W/NW winds on Saturday and  Sunday.

Thunderstorms.. Chance of storms tonight with associated heavy rain and gusty winds.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain next 24 hours.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Rain at time heavy, brisk-strong south winds, temps rising to 19 by supper time.
  • Tonight.. Rain at times heavy, risk of thundershowers, brisk-strong south wind,s temps climbing to 21 after midnight
  • Tomorrow.. Rain at times heavy ending just after dawn with a risk of thundershowers, brisk-strong SW winds, shifting to NW just after dawn, temps near 19 then falling with the NW windshift in the morning to 14
  • Friday.. Cloudy, chance of a shower down east, light east winds, highs 15
  • Saturday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with chance of an evening shower, light W/NW winds, highs 16
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs 13
  • Monday.. Evening showers, light SW winds, highs 12
  • Tuesday.. Sunny, light north winds, highs 13
  • Wednesday.. Rain late, 14



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