Showers/flurries expected to develop tonight across PEI..

Sunday, October 21st 8:20am..  A cold front swept across the island overnight ans is now located over Cape Breton island. A low pressure system south of the Maritimes will now ripple NE along his frontal boundary bringing significant amounts of rain to Cape Breton and Newfoundland. PEI should escape this system. Increasing northerly winds will develop later today as the low pressure system moves by. These onshore northerly winds will spread cooler temperatures across the island as well as cloud  flurries/showers. This activity should diminish towards sunrise tomorrow as the winds shifts to a more westerly direction leaving a mix of sun and cloud. Any left over showers or flurries will be across eastern Kings county.  Skies cloud over on Tuesday as an area of low pressure approaches from New England with showers developing late afternoon. The system itself will track NE into the Bay of Fundy Tuesday night then curve northward into the Gaspe Bay region by Wednesday afternoon. The system will then slowly drift across the northern Gulf on Thursday. Initially rain will accompany this feature Tuesday night into Wednesday but then change over to flurries as cooler air invades on Thursday and Friday. The weekend is looking good especially Saturday under high pressure will sunshine and calm winds. Increasing clouds on Sunday as the next system approaches.

  • Precipitation.. Showers/flurries/snow pellets/ice pellets begin later this afternoon ending tomorrow morning. Rain develops Tuesday mid afternoon tapering to showers near noon on Wednesday. Models are hinting at 10-15 mms. Showers change to flurries for Thursday and Friday as cooler air floods in on NW winds. Dry for the weekend but models are hinting at rain developing Sunday night into Monday morning.
  • Temperatures.. Normal temps this time of year are hi 10, lo 3. Temps should be normal today, below normal tomorrow, warm-up on Tuesday. Slightly above normal on Wednesday, Chilly on Thursday. Well below normal for Friday and Saturday. Warm-up begins on Sunday.
  • Wind.. Light NW wow will increase to brisk this afternoon backing to westerly tomorrow. Winds drop off to cal Monday night into Tuesday morning then become light southerly Tuesday afternoon. Winds then increase to brisk SE Tuesday night into Wednesday morning diminishing to light-brisk SW later in the day. Light-brisk NW winds on Thursday and Friday. Calm on Saturday.
  • Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain beginning Tuesday afternoon.
  • Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time..


  • Forecast..
  • Today.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs 10
  • Tonight.. Becoming cloudy with showers/flurries/snow pellets developing especially down east, light-brisk NW winds, lows 1
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy morning with chance of a flurrie turning sunny, light-brisk W-NW winds, highs 4
  • Tuesday.. Rain developing mid afternoon, brisk-strong SE winds, developing, highs 9
  • Wednesday.. Cloudy, rain ending near noon then sun and cloud, light-brisk south winds, highs 13
  • Thursday.. Cloudy periods, chance of a shower/flurrie, brisk NW winds, highs 6
  • Friday.. Cloudy periods, chance of a flurrie, light-brisk NW winds, highs 1
  • Saturday.. Sunny, very light/calm winds, highs 3
  • Sunday… Sunny start, increasing clouds with rain late, brisk east winds developing, highs 6



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