The wet stormy weather continues across PEI..

Sunday, October 28th 9:00am.. The wet stormy weather pattern continues across the island for the next week or so. A low pressure system (The remnants of Tropical System Willa) moved up the coast yesterday and is now located inland near Cape Cod. A warm front extending northeastward from this system brought the snow and rain to the Maritimes overnight. This front is now in the process of moving northward across the island now and we will see temps climb into the 13-15 range once the front get north and this should also bring a temporary end to the rain. The low itself near Cape Cod will continue to move northward across eastern Quebec today. A secondary low pressure will develop near Cape Cod tomorrow morning  and track NE right across the Maritimes Monday afternoon-overnight with more rain. This system pulls away to the NE Tuesday morning allowing high pressure to briefly build in from the west cresting over the island Wednesday morning. This feature should give some sunshine but short lived as a cold front will be approaching from the NW bringing another round of cloud and showers by Wednesday evening. The front then stalls in a NE-SW fashion across the Maritimes Thursday. Strong low pressure located in the American mid-west will then move NE along the frontal boundary passing along the St Lawrence river valley Friday morning. This will draw the front northward again as a warm front putting the island back on the warm side allowing temps to climb again back well above normal but unfortunate;y it will be accompanied by another rain event. The cold front extending back to the SW from this low stall across the Maritimes for Saturday maintaining cloud and showers. Yet another low pressure system will develop along the American seaboard Saturday night and will race NE across the region on Sunday with another rain and wind event. Things finally settle down on Monday with high pressure in control but more cloud and showers on Tuesday. THE STORMY WET WEATHER CONTINUOUS…

Precipitation.. Generally 25-35 mms rain fell across the island overnight. In some places the rain briefly began as snow and ice pellets as was the case here in the Emyvale area. Rain has tapered to showers and drizzle now which should continue today and tonight. We could see some sunny breaks between systems tomorrow but rain expected tomorrow night as the second low pressure system moves through. Dry Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. Showers expected Wednesday evening as the cold front approaches which continue into Thursday as the front stalls. Showers or periods of rain for Friday Saturday and Sunday as the next couple or low pressure system move through.

Temperatures.. Will climb  today peaking 15 mid afternoon then slowly fall back. Warm night tonight. Not quite as warm tomorrow but still above normal. Normal for Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. Another warm day in Friday.

Wind.. Brisk SE winds peaking near noon today then diminishing to light southerly tonight and tomorrow hence the mild air. Winds shift to the NW Tuesday afternoon and continue through Wednesday. Light westerlies on Thursday. Brisk-strong southerlies on Friday.

Halloween.. Right now looking not too bad.. Cloudy with slight chance of showers.  Light SW winds with early evening temperatures near 7.

Hazards.. Wet driving conditions in rain..

Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time..


  • Today.. Showers or periods of drizzle and fog, brisk SE winds diminishing to light, highs 15
  • Tonight.. Cloudy with showers or periods of drizzle, mist. Light SE winds, lows 10
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy with sunny breaks. Rain developing through the evening. Light SW winds, highs 14
  • Tuesday.. Morning cloud and showers then clearing, winds shifting to the NW, highs 8
  • Wednesday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with chance of showers, light west winds, highs 8
  • Thursday.. Showers, light west wind,s highs 9
  • Friday.. Rain, brisk-strong SW winds, highs 17
  • Saturday.. Rain, light north winds, highs 9
  • Sunday.. Rain, brisk-strong SW winds, highs 17
  • Monday.. Sunny, 6



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