Wintry mix of snow and rain expected across PEI today/tonight.

Monday, November 19th 6:40am.. An area of high pressure is currently passing south of the region and is giving clear skies and light winds to the island. The snow cover, clear skies and light winds have also allowed the temperatures to fall well below normal but should recover quickly this morning. Skies will also cloud over rapidly after sunrise this morning as a weak area of low pressure system approaches and passes along the Atlantic coast of NS. This system will give cloud and flurries to start but will change over to periods of rain tonight as temps warm up. On Tuesday morning another, more important area of low pressure will intensify near Cape Cod and track NE along the coast of NS during the day. This system will bring significant amounts of snow across central NB which will extend into western PEI. This system moves east into Newfoundland on Wednesday but yet a third area of low pressure will be developing over the eastern Great Lakes. This system will track east then intensify over southern NS Wednesday night/Thursday morning then tracks NE along the coast of NS towards Newfoundland. This system is expected to bring more cloud and snow to the island. High pressure will then dominate the region on for the Friday through Sunday time frame. Long range models are hinting at a developing noreaster on Monday and Tuesday but things are looking mild right now so this will most likely be a rain and wind event. More to come on this in future blogs.

Precipitation.. Light Snow begins near noon today then changes over to rain tonight ending near dawn tomorrow. Snow redevelops near noon on Tuesday ending near noon on Wednesday giving 10-20 cms. The 20 cms fall up west with 10 cms across Kings. Another 5-10 cms on Thursday. Basically dry for Friday through Sunday. Looks like rain developing later Monday.

Temps.. Clear skies, calm winds and snow cover has allowed temps to fall overnight which I think have set new records for this date. Temps will recover this morning climbing to +3 overnight tonight (hence the rain). Temps remain below normal all week especially Thursday and Friday.

Wind.. Light winds today and tomorrow. Brisk winds on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Calm winds on Sunday followed by a wind event for Monday night into Tuesday.

Hazards.. Hazardous driving conditions in snow today but temps then rise changing snow over to rain allowing for the roads time to melt off. More significant snow on Tuesday through Thursday.

Watches/warnings.. Special weather statement in effect for Prince county for potential significant snow later tomorrow.


  • Today.. Cloudy with light snow developing near noon, light south winds, tempos rising to -1 by suppertime.
  • Tonight.. Snow changing to periods of rain, winds shifting to light northerly, temps rising to +3 by midnight then steady til dawn.
  • Tomorrow.. Rain ending near dawn then cloudy, Snow redeveloping late afternoon, light-brisk NE winds later in the day, temps falling to 0 by late afternoon.
  • Wednesday.. Snow ending near noon, light-brisk NW winds, highs 0
  • Thursday.. Snow, brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Friday.. Flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Saturday.. Sunny, diminishing NW winds, highs +1
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light winds, highs +1



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