Mild today, rain and snow tonight across PEI.

Monday, Dec 3rd 8:20am.. An area of low pressure just moved across the western part of the island and is now located just off the north shore. A series of frontal systems extending back to the west will move across the island over the next 12 hours which will tend to lower temps. The last cold front will cross near midnight tonight. At that time, rain with transition over to snow tapering off to flurries by dawn tomorrow. High pressure will crest over the region on Wednesday. A cold front will then cross the island on Thursday into Friday with cloud and flurries. High pressure returns for Saturday and Sunday.

Precipitation.. Showers redevelop this evening ahead of a cold front which will change over to periods of snow near midnight for a couple hours giving 2-4 cms. Snow tapers to flurries which will then persist through most of tomorrow giving another 1-2 cms especially down east where NW winds blow onshore. Dry on Wednesday.  Snow develops late Thursday evening and continues as flurries Friday Saturday and Sunday.

Temperatures. Mild now but will be slowly falling through the day. At or below normal for tomorrow through the end of the week.

Wind.. Brisk NW winds develop later today and continue through tomorrow into early Wednesday then shift to SW Wednesday afternoon. Light SW winds, continue on Thursday shifting back to the NW on Friday. These NW winds then continue through Sunday.

Hazards.. Rain changes to snow near midnight giving a slushie mess on roads. Temps then fall below zero near dawn tomorrow causing wet surfaces to freeze over.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Cloudy, light-brisk W-NW winds. Temps remaining steady near 4 or slowly falling.
  • Tonight.. Cloudy with rain developing mid evening changing to snow near midnight, brisk NW winds, temps falling to zero by dawn tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy with flurries, brisk NW winds, highs 0 in the morning falling to -2 by suppertime.
  • Wednesday.. Sun and cloud, light west winds, highs -5
  • Thursday.. Sun and cloud becoming cloudy with flurries late, light-brisk SW winds, highs 0
  • Friday.. Periods of snow, brisk NW winds, highs 0
  • Saturday.. Periods of snow, light-brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Sunday.. Flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -7



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