Snow/rain and wind expected today across PEI..

Wednesday, January 9th 6:45am.. An intensifying low pressure system located near Boston this morning will move very slowly NE to be located near Saint John my midnight tonight then over Prince County, PEI near dawn tomorrow. Snow at times heavy is expected to change over to some rain near noon today as temps warm up. Western PEI will stay a bit cooler longer so expecting more snow up there. In addition, strong ESE winds will develop today as the storm intensifies and moves closer. Cooler air returns Thursday afternoon as the storm slowly pulls away to the NE so any left over showers will change back to snow by suppertime. High pressure builds in from the west which will crest over the island on Sunday. A coastal storm is expected to develop off Cape Hatteras Monday morning tracking ENE. At this time, this noreaster is expected to remain south with no impact on the Maritimes but will need to be watched for any northward change in track otherwise high pressure will remain in control through Tuesday.

Precipitation.. Snow, at times heavy this morning changing to rain near noon then showers tonight then back to flurries late tomorrow afternoon ending by dawn on Friday. Snowfall amounts will be higher up west with 20-25 cms dropping to 15-20 cms fro Queens county and 10-15 cms for Kings. Rainfall amounts in the 5-10 mm range. The bulk of the snow will fall by noon today. Basically dry for Friday through Tuesday.

Temperatures.. Mild today tonight and tomorrow. Cooler air filters back in near suppertime tomorrow then cold Arctic air invades Friday afternoon and continues into early next week.

Wind.. Increasing SE winds peaking near suppertime today with gusts to 90 KMH possible. Diminishing SE winds this evening slowly shifting to SW through tomorrow. Light-brisk WSW winds Friday becoming light westerly on Saturday and very light westerly on Sunday with high pressure overhead.

Hazards.. Heavy snow til noon, increasing SE winds peaking near suppertime with snow laden trees at risk with the strong winds giving possible power issues. The rain should put a cap on the blowing snow so don;t expect visibility issues this afternoon. Bridge restrictions most likely this afternoon as winds continue to increase peaking near suppertime. Rain and snow melt may cause water issues tonight into tomorrow especially in town. Any slush/wet snow areas will freeze solid Thursday night and remain frozen through the weekend and into next week so do any snow removal before the freeze up tomorrow evening. Ice pressure will also occur along the south shore today and tonight.

Watches/warnings.. Wind warning in effect.


  • Today.. Snow at times heavy changing to rain near noon, brisk-strong SE winds, highs +3
  • Tonight.. Showers, brisk south winds, temps steady near +2
  • Tomorrow.. Showers changing to flurries through the afternoon, brisk SW winds, temps steady near +1 then slowly falling to -1 by suppertime.
  • Friday.. Morning flurries becoming sunny, brisk SW winds, temps falling to -9 by suppertime.
  • Saturday.. Sunny, light-brisk West winds, highs -15
  • Sunday.. Sunny, very light west winds, highs -15
  • Monday.. Sunny, very light WNW winds, highs -12
  • Tuesday.. Sunny, light SW winds, highs -6

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