Daily Archives: January 29, 2019

Cold sunshine expected today across PEI..

Tuesday, January 29th 6:45am.. A ridge of high pressure oriented north-south is currently crossing the NB. This feature is moving east and will cross the island later later this morning. Light northerly winds ahead of the ridge will diminish to calm as the ridge crests over the island then become easterly on the back side. An area of low pressure will develop near Cape Cod overnight tonight and move northward passing through northwestern NB tomorrow evening. Snow ahead of this system will develop by breakfast tomorrow but will change to rain by late afternoon as warm air surges north ending or changing to flurries late tomorrow evening as the system pulls away and a cold front sweeps through. Cold arctic air then invades the Maritimes for Thursday through Saturday with high pressure in control. Snow spreads across the island on Sunday with the approach of a warm front. The associated low pressure system moves eastward across the Maritimes before dawn on Monday.

Precipitation.. Snow begins near dawn tomorrow giving 5 cms before changing to rain by mid-late afternoon ending mid evening. Risk of freezing rain during the changeovers both in the afternoon and again in the evening.  Flurries develop late tomorrow night ending Thursday. Can’t rule out some flurries for Friday and Saturday in the cold onshore W-NW winds but the waters are mostly ice covered which will limit this activity to larger open areas of water. Snow begins Sunday afternoon and right now looks to change over to rain near midnight for a few hours then back to snow by dawn on Monday. Too early for amounts at this time.

Temperatures.. Cold today but temps begin to moderate tomorrow gett8ing above zero for a few hours before falling back through the evening. Cold Arctic air invades for Thursday through Sunday. A brief warm-up possible overnight Sunday night into MOnday morning.

Wind.. Light northerlies now will diminish to calm towards noon then become light easterly tonight. Brisk-strong southeasterly peaking near suppertime tomorrow shifting to westerly mid evening tomorrow with the cold frontal passage. Light-brisk westerlies then persist Thursday through Saturday becoming southerly Sunday.

Hazards.. 5 cms snow beginning near dawn tomorrow for the commute to work and school. Chance of freezing rain tomorrow afternoon and again tomorrow evening. Brisk-strong south winds may give bridge restrictions tomorrow afternoon. Cold conditions invade for Thursday for those working outside ans persist through Saturday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time..


  • Today..  Sunny, light north winds, highs -9
  • Tonight.. Clouding over with light snow towards dawn, light-brisk SE winds developing, temps rising to -12.
  • Tomorrow.. Snow changing to rain in the mid-late afternoon with a risk of freezing rain, then ending or back to flurries mid evening. brisk-strong SE winds, highs +2
  • Thursday.. Sun and cloud chance of flurries, light-brisk West winds, cold with highs near -9
  • Friday.. Sun and cloud chance of flurries, light-brisk West winds, cold with highs near -12
  • Saturday.. Sun and cloud chance of flurries, light-brisk West winds, cold with highs near -13
  • Sunday.. Snow beginning mid afternoon, -6
  • Monday.. Snow or rain, 0