Rain spreads across PEI later today..

Tuesday, June 11th 7:30am… The area of high pressure that gave the sunshine to the island over the past few days is now moving away to the SE. Clouds will thicken up tis morning as a frontal system approaches from the west with rain developing by mid evening. This system will pull away to the east tomorrow allowing for high pressure to return later in the day with clearing skies. Sunshine prevails on Thursday but clouds will be spreading across the region as a coastal low pressure system approaches from the Cape Cod area. Rain and wind spreads across the island Thursday night as the low pressure system crosses the Maritimes. This system will be slow to leave hence the cloud and rain should continue into early Saturday. Unsettled weather continues into Sunday with a frontal system parked just to the north of the Maritimes.

Precipitation… Rain begins this evening ending mid morning tomorrow giving 10-15 mms. Showers begin again Thursday night ending Saturday morning.

Temperatures… At or near normal this period.

Wind… Light-brisk southerlies today shifting to W-NW for tomorrow then back to SW for Thursday.

COPA for Kids… Saturday June 15th. Not looking good now. The weather system will be pulling away to the NE but now looks slower which may keep the cloud and showers across the region into early Saturday. Light SW winds which will bring runway 21 into play. Morning temps near 16. Rain date for Sunday looking at bit better. Will have a better handle on Saturday weather Thursday evening.

Hazards… Wet driving conditions in rain tonight.

Watches/warnings… None for PEI at this time.


  • Today… Sunny start becoming cloudy,  light-brisk south winds, highs 22
  • Tonight… Rain beginning mid evening, light-brisk south winds, lows 11
  • Tomorrow… Rain ending early then clearing, light NW winds highs 20
  • Thursday… Sunny, increasing clouds late, light south winds, highs 21
  • Friday… Rain, brisk South winds, highs 19
  • Saturday… Cloudy with morning showers, light SW winds, highs 19
  • Sunday… Sun and cloud, light-brisk south winds, highs 21
  • Monday… Cloudy with showers, brisk SW winds, highs 24



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