Sunshine and light winds expected today across PEI.

Wednesday, March 25th 8:15am… An area of high pressure centered over Maine will drift eastward today crossing the island this afternoon. Sunshine and light winds will accompany this feature. Clouds will begin to spread across the region later this evening ahead of another ocean storm approaching from the south. This system is expected to track a little further east and just graze the island with the snow beginning tomorrow evening. Sunshine for Saturday and Sunday with high pressure crossing. Clouds invade once again Saturday evening as low pressure approaches from the Great Lakes. Secondary low pressure then develops off the US mid Atlantic coast which limits the warm air moving north so expecting a snow event as the combines system moves across the region on Monday. There is a chance for a change over to rain. Will have more details in upcoming posts.

Precipitation… Snow begins tomorrow evening ending Friday evening. Western tip of the island may escape the snow entirely while eastern PEI may get 10-15 cms. Looks 5-10 fro the Charlottetown area. Snow redevelops again Sunday night into early Monday morning. Too early for details but don’t put that snow shovel away yet.

Temperatures… A couple degrees either side of normal this period.

Wind… No wind events expected. Could get breezy on Monday associated with the developing system.

Hazards… Snow tomorrow night.

Watches/Warnings… None for PEI at this time.


  • Today… Sunny, light north winds, highs 3
  • Tonight… Clouding over, calm winds, lows -10
  • Tomorrow… Cloudy, snow beginning late in the day, light east winds, highs 1
  • Friday… Snow, light-brisk NE winds, highs 0
  • Saturday… Sunny, light-brisk NW winds, highs 2
  • Sunday… Sunny start, becoming cloudy with snow late, light east winds, highs 3
  • Monday… Snow or rain, brisk east winds, highs 0
  • Tuesday… Snow or rain, NE winds, highs 2

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