Who is PEI Stormchaser?

What can I say, just another weather crazed guy. Actually, I am married with 3 kids, work in the aviation industry and have a passion for weather and flying. Storm chasing is a favorite pastime of mine, unfortunately PEI seldom has serious thunderstorms, but what the heck.  Chasing is not limited to thunderstorms but actually any severe weather events from snowstorms to tropical storms and not limited to PEI. Chasing has taken me across NS to Yarmouth chasing hurricanes to northern NB  chasing thunderstorms to Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas chasing tornadoes.

This year I made a second trip into the states on a tornado chase but unfortunately my timing was off. (Book vacation well in advance and hope that there will be activity). Tornadoes occurred a few days prior and after my trip. Missed the Joplin tornado by a few days.  In the meantime, Summer is approaching and New Brunswick can spawn some nice development…

I am not a weather forecaster nor claim to be. That is left to the paid professionals who do a great job but they are limited to strict guidelines that they must  adhere to when putting out their forecast. The long range forecast put out by Environment Canada has even stricter guidelines which does not allow them to go into too much detail. These official forecasts can be found in links along the right hand side of the blog. What I do here is try and elaborate on the forecast by giving a synopsis of the current weather situation by looking at various weather forecasts (Public, Marine, Aviation etc), studing various computer models, looking at special weather products ( SPC, NHC,FX) and looking at Satellite/radar imagery. This does not mean that I have no experience in weather..  I have been an official weather observer for more than 23 years, weather briefer in the military for a couple years and have taught a number of courses on meteorology to the aviation community.

So, If you want to join me on a chase or talk weather then don’t hesitate to contact me through this blog or follow me on twitter for up to date weather and storm reports from around PEI.

This is my first attempt at a blog or website, so please leave a comment about content or layout.

Have a great day.


37 responses to “Who is PEI Stormchaser?

  1. Wayne MacMillan

    Hi Bill, just a real fine job of this site!

  2. Thanks Wayne.. It is still a work in progress.

  3. yes Bill some good job here , hope you have fun with it

  4. Pretty cool.I will be watching from Hunter River for you.If any usual clouds happen I`ll let you know.

  5. Paula MacInnis

    I got the bug for weather from my wonderful son Glenn.
    You may know him Stephen.
    Paula MacInnis

  6. Cool site,thanks.

  7. Hi there! Thanks for the information on Irene. We’re building a cottage at the moment. Hope to get the walls secured ahead of any winds.

  8. Checking out the site cause this is where my weather crazy brother Glenn goes for info and with Irene possibly on the way I thought what the heck and so far your forecast has been the easiest to make sense of .. Thank you .. Keep up the good work

  9. Great job! I am more of a forecaster and you might want to check out my blog at forecasterjack.wordpress.com

  10. Hi, I enjoy your site and information. I have followed the weather for years, in fact I am on my second Davis Weather Station, I also have it online along with a Stardot Cam….

    • Thanks for your response. I have also pondered a Davis station but have
      not yet taken the plunge. Can you give me some insite. Wireless vantage pro.
      Can I access your weather site online?

  11. Have you been able to get on my site?

  12. Certainly, you can, howeverI have been having trouble with the cam, seems ok now and will move it to regular scene once I am sure that it is stable…

  13. Great site! I have a question about PEI storms (PEI weather in general) – Is it correct to assume that the Northumberland side has less stormy weather than the St. Lawrence side? And all things being equal, the NW end of the island is less stormy than the E or SE end?

    Looking at moving there to a small acreage somewhere amongst the farms, and want to avoid stormy rainy winters as much as possible (much prefer calm snowy ones!) – was thinking of looking a little bit inland (if it helps much) and staying away from waterfront. Just wondering if any parts of the island are especially favorable “weather-wise”…

    • Hi, Thanks for visiting my site..

      With regards to your question. PEI is a very small place when it comes to weather. The Island
      is oriented in a northwest-southeast line. The northwestern part tends to be a little cooler in winter,
      hence they tend to get more snow from east coast storms. Eastern end of the island is a bit warmer
      and can get a little more rain. There is no real difference between the Northumberland Strait side
      and the Gulf side because the island is so narrow. Inland areas away from the coast can get a few degrees
      warmer in summer. The island can be quite windy because it is quite flat and lost of the trees are
      cut down for agriculture hence strong winds can blow unabated. In summary, when there are no storms
      effecting the island then there is real no change between the western part and eastern part. If an east coast
      moves up the coast, then the best chance for rain (if there is any) will be the eastern part.
      Hope this helps.. Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions…

  14. Yes it was/is quiite a storm. Not much snow on the level here other than a bank by greenhouse and a bit in front of garage, none on the drive. I have my anemometer back up, but I still think that the readings other than temperatures, are low. I plan on repairing the old Davis and see from there on. I have a Maximum anemometer, which is in MPH but has a higher reading when converted, but it is instant. Since my rain/snow guage (tube type) bracket got damaged by the wind a while back, I have not been using it.. My cam is now on Wonderworld as also my weather station.
    Fun, isn’t it????

    • Hey George. sorry to hear about your troubles. I got my Davis VP up and running. Check Weatherunderground. Elmwood, just west of Charlottetown. Nice old fashion storm. Recorded 46 cms here. Good luck with your site.

  15. Thanks Bill for your reply. Glad that you got your Davis up and running. Mine is a VP2, wireless, is that what you have? I sometime wonder about if cabled would be better. However I think that Davis has a very good setup to avoid interferences. Too bad that you missed out on the storm chase, I often watch that program, green with envy, but too old for that sort of stuff. I got on your Wonderground site and have it in favourites. i also have one from Tucson, where my sister lives. They have been having it cold, for them. George

  16. Great site Bill. Canada desperately needs more weather observers like you (it’s hard to get good people with the current contract system however, as I discovered as a contract observer in the 90’s). I make it over to PEI once every few years, maybe again this December. Is the wx station accessible to the public? Best regards.

  17. Susanne Heriazon

    I have missed not receiving your blog recently. Hope everything is ok.

  18. Matthew Oller

    Thanks, Sir. I enjoy your work. The maritimes are the only part of Canada I have not visited; saving the best for last. Presently I live in an Oasis of West Texas. We can have snow, May,1; or 90f, may,5. We had two snows of 8 to 18 inches, this year. Last year I did not turn my ac on. At 6200 ft, we get wind up to 100mph. Good way to clean the yard. Problem is, too dry, any direction in 1o miles, its too hot. Its not if, but when for a fire.
    My house is in the market, in astronomer’s paradise.Dark and clear.
    thanks, again.
    ps: miss the water.

  19. Hi Bill, well that was quite a duster! Or maybe snower, if that is a word…. Actually my yard was quite clear, what was there was HARD. Living away from the main drag, it could be a spell before I am able to go, if need be. The highest wind was 103, My lone snow gauge took off, somewhere… Thanks for your site, it is a great place to go and get information. I am often there, looking…

  20. Heard great things

  21. Great work

  22. MountStewWeatherWatcher

    Thank you for this site – I’m a weather-watcher up near Mount Stewart and I always like to get a more local look at the weather on this province. Even though the island is small, I’ve noticed there are some spots that get odd localized weather patterns. Where I am now rarely gets rain or thunderstorms in the summer, I think because it lines up in the southwest-northeast line of land from southern NS up to this spot in Eastern PEI that seems to suck the moisture from the SW winds before it can reach us (although we see thunderstorms drift by from a distance on either side of us often). When I lived in Argyle Shore, nearly every single evening we had thundershowers in the summer because of the Northumberland Strait’s warm water kicking up large clouds. I was lucky enough to see several waterspouts one day in Argyle Shore a decade ago and have many lightning photographs from over the years. I’m always on the lookout – if I see anything worth reporting, I’ll let you know. Keep up the good work!

  23. Great Job!!!
    I trust your weather forecast over any other..

  24. Vi Gallant (ex Hertz)

    Hi Bill. AWESOME JOB…Keep up the good work

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