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Wintry mix of snow and rain expected across PEI today/tonight.

Monday, November 19th 6:40am.. An area of high pressure is currently passing south of the region and is giving clear skies and light winds to the island. The snow cover, clear skies and light winds have also allowed the temperatures to fall well below normal but should recover quickly this morning. Skies will also cloud over rapidly after sunrise this morning as a weak area of low pressure system approaches and passes along the Atlantic coast of NS. This system will give cloud and flurries to start but will change over to periods of rain tonight as temps warm up. On Tuesday morning another, more important area of low pressure will intensify near Cape Cod and track NE along the coast of NS during the day. This system will bring significant amounts of snow across central NB which will extend into western PEI. This system moves east into Newfoundland on Wednesday but yet a third area of low pressure will be developing over the eastern Great Lakes. This system will track east then intensify over southern NS Wednesday night/Thursday morning then tracks NE along the coast of NS towards Newfoundland. This system is expected to bring more cloud and snow to the island. High pressure will then dominate the region on for the Friday through Sunday time frame. Long range models are hinting at a developing noreaster on Monday and Tuesday but things are looking mild right now so this will most likely be a rain and wind event. More to come on this in future blogs.

Precipitation.. Light Snow begins near noon today then changes over to rain tonight ending near dawn tomorrow. Snow redevelops near noon on Tuesday ending near noon on Wednesday giving 10-20 cms. The 20 cms fall up west with 10 cms across Kings. Another 5-10 cms on Thursday. Basically dry for Friday through Sunday. Looks like rain developing later Monday.

Temps.. Clear skies, calm winds and snow cover has allowed temps to fall overnight which I think have set new records for this date. Temps will recover this morning climbing to +3 overnight tonight (hence the rain). Temps remain below normal all week especially Thursday and Friday.

Wind.. Light winds today and tomorrow. Brisk winds on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Calm winds on Sunday followed by a wind event for Monday night into Tuesday.

Hazards.. Hazardous driving conditions in snow today but temps then rise changing snow over to rain allowing for the roads time to melt off. More significant snow on Tuesday through Thursday.

Watches/warnings.. Special weather statement in effect for Prince county for potential significant snow later tomorrow.


  • Today.. Cloudy with light snow developing near noon, light south winds, tempos rising to -1 by suppertime.
  • Tonight.. Snow changing to periods of rain, winds shifting to light northerly, temps rising to +3 by midnight then steady til dawn.
  • Tomorrow.. Rain ending near dawn then cloudy, Snow redeveloping late afternoon, light-brisk NE winds later in the day, temps falling to 0 by late afternoon.
  • Wednesday.. Snow ending near noon, light-brisk NW winds, highs 0
  • Thursday.. Snow, brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Friday.. Flurries, brisk NW winds, highs -6
  • Saturday.. Sunny, diminishing NW winds, highs +1
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light winds, highs +1



Sunshine expected today across PEI..

Sunday, November 18th, 8:00am.. An area of high pressure centered over Montreal this morning is drifting eastward and will pass south of the Martimes this evening. Generally clear skies and light winds will accompany this feature. Skies will cloud over after midnight tonight as a first in a series of weather disturbances approaches the Maritimes. This first system moves along the Atlantic coast of NS later tomorrow into Tuesday morning bringing a mix of rain and snow across the island. The Second system passes south of NS on Tuesday nigh into Wednesday bringing another threat of rain and/or snow. The third system moves westward into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence Thursday night into Friday morning with what looks to be a snow event especially for eastern PEI. Looks like cloudy unsettled 5 days ahead with either rain and/or snow depending on temperatures. Things quiet down for the weekend with high pressure in control.

Precipitation.. Snow begins near noon tomorrow could possibly change to rain for a few hours then back to snow before ending near midnight. 2-5 cms snow and 5 mms rain.  Wednesday looks like a bigger mess with 10-15 cms snow possible beginning Tuesday afternoon ending Wednesday afternoon. Left over flurries on Thursday becoming periods of snow again Thursday night as the 3rd systems approaches. Still need more data for amounts here but looks like eastern PEI will see the most.

Temperatures.. Normal afternoon high temperatures for this time of year of +5. We won’t see +5 for at least another week-10 days.. So below normal temps continue but no bitterly cold. Looks like the coldest day of the week will be Thursday-Friday.

Wind.. Don’t see a low of wind until the Thursday night system moves through.

Hazards.. Hazardous driving condition sin any snow over the next 5 days. Snow should be fairly wet and compact. Winds remain light so blowing/drifting snow not really a concern until maybe Thursday evening.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time..


  • Today.. Sunny, light west winds, highs -2
  • Tonight.. Clouding over after midnight, calm winds, frosty, lows -8
  • Tomorrow.. Snow beginning near noon possibly changing to rain. light south winds, highs +3
  • Tuesday.. Flurries becoming periods of snow in the afternoon, light-brisk NE winds, highs 0
  • Wednesday.. Snow tapers to flurries by noon, light-brisk NW-N winds, highs 0
  • Thursday.. Cloud flurries becoming periods of snow through the afternoon, brisk NW winds, highs -5
  • Friday.. Flurries ending, diminishing NW winds, highs -5
  • Saturday.. Sunny, light NW winds, highs -3
  • Sunday.. Sunny, light west winds, highs +1



Some sunshine expected today and tomorrow across PEI..

Saturday, November 17th, 10:15am.. A low pressure system tracked NE along the Atlantic coast of NS yesterday evening and is now located over southeastern Newfoundland. This system brought 15-20 cms snow across island with the higher amounts reported across central and western PEI. A ridge of high pressure currently across Ontario will drift east and is expected to crest over the island tomorrow night. Several weak systems will then track across the region next week giving cloud and flurries or periods of snow. So the cold unsettled weather conditions will continue.

Precipitation.. Few flurries today. Snow Monday afternoon giving 5 cms, Tuesday dry, Snow Wednesday giving 5 cms, flurries on Thursday. Friday right now is a big question mark. Could be a significant snow event but for now will just wait and see how the models handle it over the next couple days..

Temperatures.. Below normal expected at least through all next week. No warm-up in sight.

Wind.. Don’t see and wind events until the potential storm on Friday. Very light westerlies today and tomorrow turning southerly on Monday then back to NW on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday.

Hazards.. Poor driving conditions on snow covered roads but sunshine today should allow for the salt to work and melting. Chance of light accumulating snow on Monday.

Watches/warnings.. None for PEI at this time.


  • Today.. Sun and cloud,chance of a few flurries, very light west winds, highs 0
  • Tonight.. Clear, calm winds, lows -5
  • Tomorrow.. Sun and cloud, very light west winds, highs -3
  • Monday.. Cloudy, Afternoon snow, light south winds, highs +1
  • Tuesday.. Sun and cloud, light NW winds, highs +1
  • Wednesday.. Snow, light NW winds, highs +1
  • Thursday.. Flurries, light NW winds, highs -6
  • Friday.. ???  watching a potential snow event with wind.. Stay tuned  -3
  • Saturday.. Flurries, -1


More snow expected today across PEI..

Friday, November 16th 6:30am.. A NW-SE ridge of high pressure is currently crossing the island and will drift east over the next few hours. A developing low pressure system located near New York City now will continue to intensify as it tracks NE and is expected to pass along the coast of NS to be located over Cape Breton Island near midnight tonight. Snow from this system has already pushed into southern NB and NS and is expected to start across PEI mid morning (10 am-ish). The snow should change over to rain as warmer air gets wrapped around the system latter this evening. Conditions improve on Saturday as this system pulls away towards Newfoundland but onshore NW winds should maintain cloud and flurrie activity across the island especially down east. High pressure crests over the island Sunday night. A weak area of low pressure moves though MOnday evening/overnight with periods of rain or snow. Another developing area of low pressure moves across the Maritimes Tuesday night with more rain or snow. Looks like we finally get a break from the endless storms with high pressure in control from Wednesday through the weekend.

Precipitation.. Snow before noon today changing to rain near midnight then ending near dawn. Snowfall amounts will be highest up west with 20+ cms possible. Lower amounts moving east dropping to 15 across Charlottetown to 5-10 eastern Kings. Rainfall amounts of 10 mms down east lowering to 5 across Charlottetown and 1-2 mms up west.  Light rain and/or snow on MOnday night then a possible strong system Tuesday night with more rain and/or snow.

Temperatures.. Running below normal for the next week or so. Looks like a return to normal next weekend.

Wind.. Increasing SE winds today gradually backing to North tonight then NW-W tomorrow. Light NW winds on Sunday dropping off to calm Sunday night.

Hazards.. Hazardous driving condition sin accumulating snow beginning this morning. Brisk winds will give some blowing and drifting snow.

Watches/warnings.. Snowfall warning in effect for all of PEI..


  • Today.. Snow beginning before noon, brisk East winds giving drifting and local blowing snow, highs +1 by midnight.
  • Tonight.. Snow changing to rain especially across central/eastern PEI near midnight ending near dawn, brisk north winds, steady near +1
  • Tomorrow.. Sun and cloud, chance of flurries down east, brisk west winds, highs +1
  • Sunday.. Sun and cloud, chance of flurries, Light-brisk NW winds dropping off to calm by evening, highs -4
  • Monday.. Sunny start becoming cloudy with rain/snow towards evening, light south winds,  highs 0
  • Tuesday.. Sun and cloud, snow/rain late, highs +3 by midnight
  • Wednesday.. Snow ending, brisk-strong NW winds, highs -3
  • Thursday.. Sun and cloud, flurries, NW winds, highs -4
  • Friday.. Sun and cloud, flurries, NW winds, highs -4

More snow expected tomorrow across PEI..

Thursday, November 15th 6:45am.. The system that brought the wind, rain and snow to the island is now located off the east coast of Newfoundland. This powerful storm continues to move slowly to the east which is now allowing a ridge of high pressure to build on from the west. Strong NW winds that have pounded the island will diminish to calm overnight tonight as the ridge crests over the island. Another storm will be developing along the US mid Atlantic coast near Cape Hatteras later this morning. There is still some uncertainty in the exact track of this system but is expected to move into the Gulf of Maine tomorrow afternoon then along the spine of NS Friday evening to be located in the Northumberland Strait between PEI and Cape Breton by midnight Friday night. Snow will begin across the island Friday morning as the storm approaches then change over to rain later in the day as some warm air wraps around the storm. Western PEI has the best chance to stay colder longer thus more snow is expected up there. The st9rm pulls away towards southern Newfoundland Saturday morning allowing things to begin to calm down bit cloud and flurries expected on the colder onshore NW winds. High pressure crests over the island again Sunday night into Monday morning. Long range models are out of sync for later Monday into Tuesday as another potential low pressure system tracks east out of Quebec. Some models are bringing a mix of snow and rain across the island while other models are forecasting a much weaker system with less precipitation..

Precipitation.. Onshore flurries continue to fall across the eastern half of the island especially the Mount Stewart-Montague corridor. This activity will taper off as winds drop off later tonight. Snow redevelops province wide near 8am tomorrow morning and should transition over to rain near suppertime. Up west will stay colder longer resulting more snow there. Snowfall amounts ranging from 15 cms up west dropping to 10 cms Charlottetown area and 2-5 eastern Kings. Rainfall amounts 15-20 mms Queens and Kings dropping to 5-10 up west. So 20-30 mms precipitation is expected province wide, most will fall as snow up west while down east most will fall as rain. Charlottetown half/half. Flurries on Saturday.. Snow and/or rain on later Monday into Tuesday.

Temperatures.. We are in a cold pattern right now. with only a couple of brief warm-ups to normal expected over the next week-10 days.

Wind.. Diminishing NW winds today dropping off to calm tonight then increasing SE winds tomorrow morning shifting to the north by midnight tomorrow night. Brisk W-NW winds on Saturday and Sunday.

Hazards.. Flurries at times heavy continue down east this morning but should taper off as winds drop off later today. Local blowing and drifting snow making hazardous driving conditions. more accumulating Snow tomorrow.

Watches/warnings.. Wind warning remains in effect for Kings county this morning but expected that to be lifted soon. Special weather statement issued province wide for potential snow tomorrow.


  • Today.. Sunny up west, flurries central/eastern, brisk-strong NW winds giving local blowing/drifting snow, highs -2
  • Tonight.. Becoming cloudy after midnight, winds dropping off to calm, lows -8 near midnight then slow warming with the increasing cloud cover.
  • Tomorrow.. Snow developing 8am changing to rain by late afternoon, brisk SE winds, highs +4 by mid evening
  • Saturday.. Flurries ending, brisk  W-NW winds, highs 0
  • Sunday.. Sunny Brisk W-NW winds, highs 0
  • Monday.. Sunny start, clouding over snow/rain late. +5
  • Tuesday..  Sunny, brisk west winds, highs -4
  • Wednesday..  Flurries, brisk NW winds, highs 0


Strong W-NW winds expected today across PEI..

Wednesday, November 14th 6:20am.. A rapidly intensifying storm moved up the east coast yesterday and into the Bay of Fundy mid evening. The storm then continue to move NE tracking across the Summerside just after midnight and is now located in the center of the Gulf of St Lawrence. This system brought snow and rain to the island as it approached with aprx 10-12 cms snow being reported in parts of the island before changing over to rain. As mentioned, the storm has now moved NE of the island and winds on the back side of the storm are now increasing across the island. These strong NW winds will usher in the coldest air of the season and where these winds blow onshore expect cloud and accumulating flurries. This activity will be most pronounced across eastern PEI (Mount Stewart through Montague and points east). High pressure will  build in from the west cresting over the island Thursday night. Skies will quickly cloud over again by dawn Friday morning as the next storm system approaches. This system, will develop off Cape Hatteras Thursday afternoon and rapidly intensify as it tracks NE towards the Maritimes. There is still some disagreement among the various models as to the all-so-important storm track but looks to move NE along the Atlantic coast of NS Friday night. This would put the island on the cold side which would lean towards a snow event. Best chance for any rain would be eastern Kings county. This storm pulls away on Saturday allowing weak high pressure to cross on Sunday. Another weak area of low pressure on Monday.

Precipitation.. Any rain will change over to flurries as temps drop this morning. Flurries could be extensive across eastern PEI where some additional accumulations are possible later today and overnight. Conditions improve later tomorrow as the winds drop off. Snow begins near noon on Friday which could change over to rain if the storm track is closer. For now looking at a mostly snow event with significant possible. Dry on Sunday Showers/flurries on Monday.

Temperatures.. Are now on their way down and should drop to -8 by mid afternoon today before slowly rebounding back overnight tonight. Strong NW winds will also result in wind chill temps in the -15-20 range later today as well. Temps are expected to remain below normal for the period.

Hazards… Strong NW winds gusting to 90-100 KMH possible today especially along the west/north coasts and over higher open terrain. Travel restrictions on the Confederation Bridge are now in effect and don’t anticipate them to be lifted until at least later this evening. Wet slushy roads will refreeze this morning as temps fall. Possible snow squalls down east developing today. giving reduced visibility in blowing/drifting snow.

Watches/warnings.. Wind warning remains in effect for all of PEI today.


  • Today.. Cloudy with flurries, strong NW winds, temps falling to -8 by suppertime with wind chills -15/-20.
  • Tonight.. Flurries down east, partly cloudy up west, brisk-strong W-NW winds, temps rising to -4 by dawn.
  • Tomorrow.. Flurries down east, sunny up west, diminishing W-NW winds dropping off to calm by late evening, highs -1
  • Friday.. Snow developing near noon, increasing SE winds, highs
  • Saturday.. Flurries, -1
  • Sunday.. Sunny, -3
  • Monday.. Showers/flurries, 0
  • Tuesday… Flurries, -6

Another rain/snow/wind event expected across the island Today/tonight/tomorrow..

Tuesday, November 13th 7:00am..  An area of high pressure is currently crossing the Maritimes and is giving the calm winds to the island. An area of low pressure has developed along the US southeast coast near Cape Hatteras. This feature will intensify into a noreaster today as it tracks NE towards the Maritimes. Clouds have already spread across the region and precip is expected to begin this afternoon in the form of snow but change over to rain as the temps rises. The storm itself is expected to move into the Bay of Fundy this evening then right across PEI just after midnight tonight, then into the southern Gulf headed towards Newfoundland tomorrow. morning. Rain and very strong winds will accompany this system tonight. The rain will end tonight after the storm moves through but very strong W-NW winds will continue all day tomorrow as well as a surge of very cold air. Onshore cloud and flurries will prevail tomorrow especially down east in these NW winds.  Expected flurries at times heavy and blowing/drifting snow especially in the morning. This activity will diminish later tomorrow as a ridge of high pressure builds in which will allow winds to drop off to calm Thursday night. On Friday we don it again. Another noreaster will develop off the US mid Atlantic coast and track NE. This time the track is a little further SE which should keep the Maritimes on the cold side resulting in a threat of snow rather than rain. The storm itself passes SE of NS vicinity Sable Island just after midnight Friday night then continues to move NE into Newfoundland by Saturday morning. Again this looks like a cold scenario so expecting snow with this system.  Skies clear later Saturday as high pressure approaches. Clouds and rain return later Sunday into MOnday with weak low pressure passing by to the north.

Precipitation.. Snow begins early this afternoon changing to rain by late afternoon then ending just after midnight tonight. Up west could see 5-10 cms snow, Queens and Kings, 2-5 cms. Rainfall amounts in the 10-15 mm range. Flurries/snow squalls possible early Thursday in the onshore NW winds especially for Kings county where additional accumulations are possible. Dry Thursday late afternoon through Friday morning. Snow begins near noon on Friday tapering to flurries before dawn on Saturday giving 10-15 cms. Showers on Sunday. More snow on MOnday and Tuesday as we are locked in a cold pattern.

Temperatures.. The region is locked in a cold pattern with just a couple of brief warm-ups. The first one tonight when temps climb to +10 just after midnight for a couple hours then fall by dawn tomorrow. The second warm-up will be on Sunday when temps return to normal for the afternoon. Next week is looking even colder as arctic air invades the Maritimes. Bundle up and get your property ready for winter.

Wind.. SE winds begin early this afternoon increasing to brisk this evening then shifting to SW-W after midnight tonight further increasing to strong with gusts to 90 KMH possible. These strong W-NW winds continue through Wednesday diminishing to calm by Thursday night into Friday morning. SE winds redevelop Friday noonish in advance of the next system.

Hazards.. Winter driving conditions for a few hours today beginning near noon. Wet driving conditions in rain tonight. Strong winds developing after midnight tonight resulting in more bridge restrictions on the Confederation Bridge which will most likely last well into tomorrow evening. Plan accordingly of driving if high sided vehicles. Could be snow squalls for eastern PEI during the day tomorrow in the onshore NW winds. Bitterly cold tomorrow as well with wind chills values near -15. Quiet Thursday evening into Friday morning. More snow Friday afternoon through Saturday.

Watches/warnings.. Wind warning in effect for all of PEI beginning early tomorrow morning.


  • Today.. Snow beginning near noon changing to rain by late this afternoon, brisk SE winds, temps climbing to +2
  • Tonight.. Rain ending just after midnight, brisk-strong SW winds, temps climbing to +10 near midnight then falling to 0 by dawn.
  • Tomorrow.. Cloudy with flurries, local bowing snow down east, strong W-NW winds temps falling to -5 by noon with wind chill values near -15.
  • Thursday.. Clearing, diminishing NW winds dropping off to calm by evening, highs -1
  • Friday.. Snow developing in the afternoon, increasing SE winds, highs +1
  • Saturday.. Snow tapers to flurries, light-brisk west winds, highs +2
  • Sunday.. Showers, +5
  • Monday.. Snow, 0
  • Tuesday..  Snow, 0